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Vanderpump Rules - Kristen Doute

Batten down the hatches because after a few weeks of in hiding Krazy Kristen Doute has returned in full splendor on Vanderpump Rules. Solvang? Or So Insane? Kristen wasn’t the only one Solvagning problems though – Jax Taylor and James Kennedy both went to therapy, but not together. Although they probably should.

It’s the day after the inaugural TomTom party and Lisa Vanderpump hasn’t had a hangover since 1985, aka before Tom 1 and Tom 2 were born… Oh, wait: everyone on this show is pushing 40, which makes them older than me. And they’ve definitely given LVP enough headaches to quantify as a hangover.

The Toms are overjoyed with their first event. They were ready to spread the doors wide to the public at large. Tom 2 wants a gold star on his chore chart.

Lisa reminds them that there’s no gas (or ice). James was spinning records in the utility closet sitting on 2 Costco mega-packs of Charmin Double Ply. 

Vanderpump Rules - Kristen Doute

Tonight on Vanderpump Rules Lala Kent rewards the girls for no longer calling her a whore by taking them on a private jet to Solvang Wine Country.

Of course, since this is Vanderpump Rules, aka NeverNeverLand for drunken delusionoids, Kristen Doute acts up and embarrasses everyone. Of course hinging your life’s worth on a private jet is embarrassing enough so I can’t imagine how bad Kristen must be! 

Scheana Marie Got Microblading For Her Receding Hairline

It’s no secret that the Vanderpump Rules cast members are obsessed with their appearance. Viewers have seen Tom Sandoval shave his forehead. Ariana Madix got laser hair removal on her hoo-ha. Lala Kent went in for a booty smoothing procedure. Let’s not forget the plastic surgery, like Brittany Cartwright’s breast augmentation or Jax Taylor’s three nose jobs (which somehow all came out looking exactly the same).

Out of all of the cast members, however, Scheana Marie holds the crown on being the most obsessed with herself her looks. The selfie-worshiping Pump Rules star is notorious for only taking photos from her “good side.” Oh, and also for hanging up giant photos of herself on the walls of her home. So, what work did Scheana get done this time?!

Vanderpump Rules - TomTom Opens

On last night’s Vanderpump Rules TomTom finally opened its doors in the frantic, frenzied, disastrous way you’d expect from Tom 1 and Tom 2.

Welcome to Mr. Tom’s Wild Ride – first stop the deluxe modern apartment of one DJ James Kennedy, who will have his reintroduction into SURciety by being the inaugural DJ at TomTom. Trust me – it sounds like a much bigger honor than it actually is. With havoc on the homefront and no ice at the bar, Lisa Vanderpump quickly realizes she needs the Toms temporarily distracted. So, she dispatches 5% personal assistants to wrangle menial tasks. Tom 2, as always, drew the short straw and is forced to go discuss the music with James.

As he waits for Tom’s arrival James works on his apology letter to Mandall, the entree nous he needs to get back into Lala Kent‘s homie status. Raquel LeViss is not impressed with James’ labors of Lala-dom. 

Vanderpump Rules - Jax Taylor

On tonight’s Vanderpump Rules the teartini is replacing the pumpini, because oh-oooooh: Everybody’s crying!

Jax Taylor is celebrating the last birthday of his 30’s but he’s still fighting with his mom about the way his dad’s cancer was handled. She doesn’t even call him on his special day. As Jax struggles through his first birthday without his parents a flood of emotions come pouring out. 

Will Brittany Cartwright Take Jax Taylor’s Stage Name Or Legal Last Name?

Season 7 of Vanderpump Rules opened with Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s engagement. Their impending union has been a hot topic of conversation ever since. Everyone has questions about their relationship. Has Jax truly changed? Are they ready for marriage after last season’s cheating scandal? Will they get married on the show (duh)? Are they signing a prenuptial agreement?

Will Brittany keep her last name? Will she become Brittany Cartwright Taylor? Or maybe just Brittany Taylor. How does Jax’s legal name, Jason Cauchi, factor into that decision?


The drama has heated up for Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent. In this week’s episode, the Girls Night In feud continued with Lala and Billie Lee facing off about Billie’s comments on social media. The argument was left unresolved. So, we’ll have to see if they can come to terms later in the season.

Then Lala was confronted by Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright with the rumor that she hooked up with Ariana Madix in the backseat of Tom Sandoval’s car. Initially, Lala denied the encounter, but shortly after it was revealed to be true. Is it a requirement for the Pump Rules cast to sleep with everyone who stars on the show? Off camera, the drama continued and went straight to Lala’s home with producer Randall Emmett.

Vanderpump Rules - Ariana Madix

Last night’s Vanderpump Rules was inspired by 70’s icon Olivia Newton John who implored everyone to “get physical” – although may be not in illegal situations (i.e. a moving vehicle) with inconvenient partners.

So first we must discuss Tom 2‘s new hair color. It is rather reddish, like a Burnt Sienna crayon from the Crayola big box of 64 colors. It is best described as Raggedy Andy. Which is basically Tom’s whole life: loafing around WeHo, skulking behind Katie Maloneys rage, just awwww… shucks-ing while drinking his blues into oblivion near every open bar.

This morning’s ‘le sad emoji’ is because Lisa Vanderpump is still refusing to reveal the interior of TomTom because it’s not ready. Tom 1 is even more devastated. He had his outfit all freshly pressed and ready to go when they got the call letting them know takeoff had been delayed. Again.