Kathryn Dennis in a beige coat smiling and walking in front of a car
Photo Credit: Paul Cheney/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Kathryn Dennis Seen Melting Down on Dashcam Footage During DUI Arrest

Just when you thought that Kathryn Dennis‘ DUI arrest couldn’t get any more humiliating, here come the cops with the dashcam footage. If you’ve been following along, the former Southern Charm got busted for driving under the influence. She crashed into a car, and when the cops searched her vehicle, they found a bunch of mini Fireball bottles in a brown paper bag.

TMZ got their hands on the dashcam footage from the arrest, and it shows Kathryn having a complete and total meltdown. The whole time, she had her dog with her which just made the whole thing even more dramatic. We’ve seen our favorite Bravolebs in some precarious situations over the years, but this one is definitely going down in the history books.

No charm, just angry tears

In the clip, you see Kathryn handcuffed in the back of the cop car ranting and raving about how she shouldn’t be in their back seat. However, the police said they could smell the booze on her, and they also found empty bottles in her car. It wasn’t that hard for them to put two and two together. Still, Kathryn felt like she didn’t belong there.

“Ya’ll are ruining my life and my kids’. Thanks for nothing because you didn’t even do a field sobriety test to know if you’re legit or not,” Kathryn argued.

According to the dashcam video, the officer did conduct a field sobriety test. She failed, thus how she ended up in the back of the cop car. Regardless, Kathryn raged on at the officers. At one point, she said they were treating her like “an animal.”

Then, it dawned on her that she had her dog with her during this alleged booze cruise. She started hysterically crying, thinking the cops were going to send her puppy to doggy jail. Through tears, she said she didn’t care about her life, she only cared about her kids and her dog.

Anyone who’s been around a drunk person knows that soon after the hysterical sobbing comes the Hulk-like rage. In particular, Fireball seems to have that effect on people. Sure enough, the dashcam footage showed Kathryn, like clockwork, getting increasingly hostile with the officers. When an officer got “too close” to her, she exploded.

“You’re disgusting,” she told the officer at one point, before threatening to “sue the sh-t” out of the police department.

“I’m not stupid,” Kathryn claimed. “My ex is a felon. I know how this works.”

In the dashcam footage, Kathryn correctly predicted that the officers would take her to jail and release her the next morning. She also claimed that she’d be pursuing a lawsuit for being accused of driving under the influence. It’s unclear where she stands in that process, but she has a court appearance scheduled for June 4 to address the DUI.