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How Did Michelle Lally Meet Her New Boyfriend Aaron Nosler?

The Valley star Michelle Lally has a new man in her life. And no, it’s not with the unnamed A-list Hollywood director she was rumored to be hanging around with. After a tumultuous relationship with her ex Jesse Lally, Michelle has moved on with financial advisor, Aaron Nosler. The details as to how the two met remained a mystery, until now. 

Michelle’s daughter played matchmaker with boyfriend Aaron

Viewers have had a front row seat watching Michelle and Jesse’s marriage unravel in season one of the show. Jesse wanted to make it work, while Michelle seemed to barely tolerate him. After the show wrapped, the two decided to divorce. Now Jesse has moved on with someone new, and Michelle has happily done the same. And Michelle is finally ready to spill the tea on Aaron. 

Bravo’s The Daily Dish reported the two love birds met via Michelle’s daughter Isabella. Michelle was at a coffee shop when Isabella waved to Aaron. She said, “I got my coffee and then left, and Aaron and I actually didn’t speak. And then it must’ve been maybe a couple of days or a week later, he saw us again and then it was kind of the same thing. So, Isabella was actually the introduction and it was just very natural.”

Aaron also shared his side of events. He said, “It’s probably the cutest love story of all time. I mean, Isabella was waving to me, which, knowing Isabella, is rare to see her just randomly pick somebody across the room and just start waving. And then when I left, I said goodbye to Isabella but I also said goodbye to you (Michelle). I actually thought about you on my walk home. Three days later, we saw each other again and you were not with Isabella.”

The two also ran into each other several times at Runyon Canyon. But it was at their next coffee shop sighting that Aaron decided to make his move. Michelle said, “A couple of months after I split [with Jesse], he had asked me how everything was going and I said, ‘Well, interesting story and I kind of told him what was going on in my life.”

Starring in a reality TV show obviously didn’t scare Aaron away, as he finally asked Michelle out on a date. Michelle added about their relationship, “So it was just very organic and refreshing to meet somebody this way. And it’s been amazing ever since.” Will the unnamed A-list director be buying the movie rights to this story? This has rom com written all over it.

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