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Kyle Cooke Reveals Major Update About New Jersey Move With Amanda Batula

Season 8 of Summer House has documented Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula’s discussions about leaving the city. While Amanda’s ready for the wide open spaces of New Jersey and starting a family, Kyle’s not ready to leave Manhattan.

After looking at Amanda’s dream home in the suburbs, Kyle admitted his reluctance to leave NYC and settle down. But on a May 23 appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Kyle shared his timeline for leaving the city.

Admitting that he and Amanda are finally “on the same page” about the subject, Kyle gave host Andy Cohen an answer. “Once we start a family, we’re going,” he said. 

When baby makes three

That’s the deadline. When Amanda gets pregnant, they’ll move to Jersey. Rather than hanging out in the clubs until 4:00 am, Kyle will be getting up for 4:00 am feedings and diaper changes.

“We probably won’t seriously look for a house or have like a super serious conversation about where we’re gonna live until I’m pregnant,” Amanda shared. “Kyle works amazing under pressure. So, there’s gonna have to be some reason.”

Even if Kyle is still dragging his feet, Amanda says she’s leaving New York, with or without her spouse. “Oh, we’re moving to New Jersey,” she said. “Like, 100 percent. I’m moving by myself and we’ll have a long-distance relationship if he’s against it.”

While he might be ready for the house with the picket fence in a few years, Kyle’s just not ready yet. In Season 8, Episode 7 of Summer House, Kyle and Amanda looked at a beautiful home in New Jersey. But Kyle expressed that he’d miss their New York apartment and would feel isolated in the Garden State.

“I would also feel completely cut off from society,” he said during an April episode of the Summer House After Show. “Amanda’s OK with that, I’m not. But the thing that scares me the most is if we prematurely jump out to the ‘burbs, I just feel like I’m gonna be trapped … I work a lot, I need a social outlet. And I would feel completely cut off from society.”  

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