Summer House Season 8, Episode 7 Recap: ‘He Will Throw Petals as I Walk Down the Aisle’

Summer House Season 8, Episode 7 recap
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Welcome to the Summer House Season 8, Episode 7 recap! In this week’s episode, titled “Loverboy to Flower Boy,” Lindsay pretends those “miniature red flags” she’s seeing in her and Carl’s relationship are just cute, little fireflies. Carl asks his good buddy Kyle to be in his wedding party, and Kyle offers Carl a job opportunity. Meanwhile, Kyle and Amanda are househunting in the ‘burbs, but he doesn’t really want to leave the city, and it’s putting a strain on their already-struggling relationship. Here are some of the highlights from Summer House Season 8, Episode 7.

Those “miniature flags” are actually billboards

Summer House Season 8, Episode 7
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When last we left Summer House, Paige was questioning whether Lindsay and Carl should be getting married. “Are you positive?” she asked. “If you’re not, it’s way easier to call off or postpone a wedding than it is to get divorced two months later.”

While Lindsay admits she sees some “little, miniature flags” (she actually means big, huge ones), but they’re not “red enough” for her to cancel the wedding. How red do they have to be, Lindsay?

“Maybe it’s naïve of me,” she says. “but I don’t think so … We’re both just so willing to work on it, which is half the battle.” But then there’s that other ugly half.

“I get that relationships are hard work,” Paige interviews. “But at some point, punch out. I think Lindsay deep down knows she shouldn’t marry this guy. But I think she wants this, like, fairytale … but this is real life. You guys don’t like each other.”

Meanwhile, the guys are talking to Carl in another corner of the yard. “I’m a little hesitant to give my honest-to-goodness thoughts on the situation,” Kyle interviews. “[Carl] was nothing but supportive of me and Amanda through our trials and tribulations. But when I look back at that, of course. Amanda didn’t do anything wrong. I was an idiot, and he was being a supportive friend in helping me try to realize what I had. It’s not really an apples-to-apples situation here.”

“For the record,” Jesse tells Carl, “I love you. I love Lindsay … I just want to make sure that you guys are gonna be good together. It all comes from a good place.”

Kyle’s in the wedding party as a … “flower boy?”

Kyle and Carl are sitting in the 1986 Indy 500 pace car when Carl says, “Lindsay and I are getting married November 17. I really want you to be a part of our wedding.”

“I’d be honored,” Kyle responds.

“I would love for you to be … a flower boy, if you’re okay with it. We’ve got Andrea [Denver], Luke [Gulbranson], and you as flower boys.” Is he serious? I thought he was going to ask Kyle to be his best man.

“You have groomsmen?” Kyle asks. “But I’m not a groomsman?”

“Your role is gonna be the flower boy,” Carl repeats.

“Deciding on groomsmen has been a little bit of a process,” Carl interviews. “Lindsay didn’t want Kyle to be a groomsman. Last year … wasn’t great, but I want Kyle there. I also have to play ball with my [future] wife.”

“It’s been a tough couple of weeks,” Kyle says. “I’m here for you guys … I love you, and I love Lindsay … Last summer was never about our friendship. It was about a massive adjustment.”

Carl’s just happy they’ve moved past “all the bullsh*t” and are friends again.

“But I’m not a groomsman?” Kyle asks again.

“Flower boy,” Carl insists. That’s some bullsh*t, right there. Is this an April Fool’s joke?

“Does this feel like a bit of a demotion,” Kyle asks in a confessional, “coming from the best man and officiant at my wedding? Yeah. But at the end of the day, he needs my support. I’m not gonna question anything. I’ll be the best damn flower boy he’s ever seen.”

Jesse breaks Bro Code

Back in NYC, West and Ciara meet up with Jesse and Danielle for drinks. After Danielle gives intimate details about her recent hookup with a drummer from LA, Jesse comments about West and Ciara, “They’re not having sex, so you don’t need to ask them.” Whoa! That was a little personal, Jesse.

“Are you f*cking kidding?” Ciara asks. “Announcing my business?”

“When are you going to have sex with my friend?” Jesse flat-out wants to know.

“Literally never,” Ciara says, shocking everyone, especially West.

“I don’t know if Bro Code is real,” West interviews, “but if you’re friends with Jesse Solomon, it’s not … I obviously told him we’re not hooking up, and then the first thing he does is just f*cking grill her. In a way, though, I was kind of like, ‘Keep it going! Keep it going!’” West wants to know when/if they’ll actually have sex.

“Look,” Ciara says, “I’m not trying to rush into anything. I kind of like that we’re taking it slow. We’ll have sex when I’m ready.” When Danielle asks if West likes taking it slow as well, he drawls, “Yeah … It feels like time’s really slowing down.” They all laugh at his response.

Paige weighs in

Summer House Season 8, Episode 7 recap
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It’s Friday night again at the house, and Jesse and Paige are hanging out in the backyard when Carl and Lindsay arrive. Jesse apologizes for not meeting Carl the night before, but he was in workout clothes and didn’t think he’d fit in with all of Carl’s buddies. Lindsay says there were 17 of them, so it was “basically a bachelor party.” Kyle and Andrea were both there.

Jesse asks if Kyle is a groomsman, and Carl dodges the question with, “Kyle’s in the wedding party, yeah.”

“But he’s not a groomsman?” Jesse presses.

“His role is to be a flower boy,” Carl admits, which gets Paige’s attention. “So is Andrea, and so is Luke.”

“Got it,” Jesse responds.

“I know that it looks like I’m sitting here listening to this conversation,” Paige interviews. “I’m bursting inside. Carl officiated their wedding, and they’re making him a flower boy? I wonder who made that decision. ‘He will throw petals as I walk down the aisle.’ That’s what [Lindsay] thought.”

“That’s insane,” she continues. “I wouldn’t even go. I would have slapped Carl in his face if he’d said that to me. I’d be, like, have fun at your wedding. See ya!” Thank you! I 100% agree. It’s insulting.

“Kyle’s more of a flower boy, right?” Carl says to Lindsay. “I think it fits his personality.” Wow. Nice former BFF.

Later, Ciara and Paige are hanging out with Amanda. Paige asks, “Is Kyle mad that he’s a ‘flower girl?’”

“He was a little confused,” Amanda admits.

“I mean, he’s 31!” Ciara giggles. “He’s gonna be walking down the aisle with flowers in a basket.”

“He’s doing it with Andrea and Luke,” Amanda explains.

“Which is actually even more insulting,” Paige says.

Kyle offers Carl a job

Summer House Season 8, Episode 7
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Meanwhile, Kyle is showing Carl the new Loverboy non-alcoholic drinks. “They’re very light, but I think you’ll find them really refreshing,” Kyle says. “It’s not like drinking, like, a Snapple.”

“I just got chills,” Carl says. “Dude, this looks really good.”

“The best non-alc products coming to market are from alcohol brands,” Kyle interviews. “I kind of put it out there, … ‘Why don’t we start developing it?’ … We finally have samples, but I just wanted to do it with Carl. I wanted to get back to a good place. I wanted him to be the first person to hear about it, be the first person to taste it, and see what we can work out.”

“This is exciting!” Carl says.

“Not to put you on the spot,” Kyle says, “but my thought is that this could kind of be a side hustle if you want. You could basically help promote these things, and we could create a rev-share based on how involved you want to get. I think it’d be kind of a cool way to get back involved, even just part-time.”

“I love it,” Carl agrees. “I’ll think about it.” Meaning he has to talk to Lindsay, who probably won’t want him having anything to do with Kyle.

“You have this non-alcoholic project,” Carl interviews. “It just makes perfect sense. It’s … a huge opportunity. I’d be crazy not to look at this seriously. But part of my concern is … that Lindsay just won’t be on board with it. We’re in a good streak right now, but bringing something like this to the table could cause her some more issues.” That’s really a shame because it’s a great opportunity for him. Why would she be against that? Oh, yeah. Because she’s an insecure and self-centered.

Kyle and Amanda on the struggle bus

Kyle and Amanda are househunting in the burbs. Amanda wants to get out of the city, and Kyle’s finally agreed to start looking. She wants to start a family, but she doesn’t want to do it in New York.

“Change is exciting,” Kyle confesses. “I think moving would provide short-term relief from our current situation.”

“But then, we’re kind of cut off from New York,” he adds, “and some of the current challenges in our relationship would [reappear]. We’re not a highly functioning, well-oiled machine right now.”

At dinner, Danielle asks how the search is coming.

“It would be an investment property,” Amanda responds, “so we’ll still keep the apartment … This would be somewhere that I could get out of the city. [Kyle’s] not ready to leave yet, but sometimes I just need to remove myself from New York…”

“From Kyle,” Lindsay rudely whispers.

“I need a change of scenery,” Amanda says. “[I’m] over the apartment. We’ve no outdoor space. Walking the dogs [late] at night makes me uncomfortable. I need something else.”

“I love our apartment, though,” Kyle says sadly.

“As we’re thinking about a family,” Amanda continues, “I don’t want to be pregnant with all that riff-raff. I’d be too stressed out.”

“So, Kyle, are you willing to compromise for what, obviously, she wants?” Danielle wants to know.

“We’re trying to think through it,” he responds.

“That’s a ‘no’ in my book,” Danielle decides. Ouch. She needs to stay out of their family issues.

The previews for next week look like things are only going to get worse for Kyle and Amanda.

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