Bethenny Frankel posing in a white dress at the premiere of Shameless
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Did Bethenny Frankel Get a Chanel Tattoo?

If you’re one of the people still brave enough to follow Bethenny Frankel on social media, then you probably know that her latest obsession is Chanel. It’s not because she loves their designs. It’s because she felt slighted at their Chicago location when she learned she couldn’t just walk into the store. They told her she needed an appointment.

Clearly, that bruised Bethenny’s ego, and since then, she has made it her full-time job to talk about Chanel on social media. Recently, she took things a step further by seemingly getting a tattoo of the Chanel logo. In case you’re confused, we’re here to confirm that the tattoo was not real.

Bethenny’s temporary tattoo

The tattoo saga started with a TikTok video where Bethenny invited her followers to come along with her to get a tattoo. In the video, she walked into a studio and introduced herself to the entire staff. After wandering through the building and pointing her camera at every customer in the shop, she sat down in a chair and told the artist, “I want something meaningful.”

Then, in a follow-up video, the camera showed the tattooist preparing his equipment and prepping Bethenny to get inked. The video cuts, and before you know it, Bethenny is walking out of the studio with a giant Chanel logo on her shoulder. She spent all of that time bothering these people at the tattoo shop just because the Chanel store required an appointment.

On TikTok, some of her fans seemed to think the tattoo was real. Obviously, it’s not. You can tell it’s fake because the tattoo gun never makes a sound. Plus, do you really think Bethenny is the type of person to get another brand’s logo tattooed on her arm? If anything, she’d get the SkinnyGirl logo on her chest. She went back home, and those two C’s washed away in the shower.

Although some of her fans were confused by the video, others thought that it was entertaining. One fan wrote, “I absolutely live for this. You are the bomb!!!!”

Another added, “I am literally checking back a couple times a day, liking, saving and sharing so that I don’t miss any updates on Chanel-gate!”

Since a few people are celebrating this madness, we can assume that Bethenny’s “Chanel-gate” won’t end anytime soon. As long as there’s attention coming her way, she’s not going to stop. Unless, of course, she has another dissatisfactory customer service experience with another brand.