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Bethenny Frankel Bashes Chanel After Being Denied Entry Into Store

It has been a rough few months for former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel. Her mother, whom she had a complicated relationship with, passed away in April 2024. Bethenny was able to mend their relationship after the birth of her daughter, Bryn Hoppy.

As for Bethenny’s love life? There appears to be trouble in paradise. There are reports that Bethenny allegedly split up with her fiancé, Paul Bernon. That is a lot to deal with at once. But what set Bethenny off was being snubbed by Chanel. Buckle up, friends!

Don’t give Bethenny the brush off

We all know that Bethenny isn’t shy about sharing her opinions. She will sound off about beauty products, celebrities, and her hellish divorce from Jason Hoppy. But this time, a brand has pissed off Bethenny. She shared her thoughts in an Instagram video.

It turns out that while in Chicago, Bethenny attempted to enter a Chanel store. A security guard cracked the door open. “He’s like, ‘Hello. Do you have an appointment?’ He’s like Lurch in the Addams Family. Like ‘You rang?’” Bethenny said. “I’m like, ‘No, I don’t have an appointment. I have a credit card. I have a bag of Garrett’s popcorn, a basic bitch purse. Am I not allowed to come in at 3:54 on a Tuesday?’ Evidently not.”

Bethenny continued, “To be treated like you’re an interloper. I didn’t realize we weren’t allowed to walk into stores anymore. Gotta get a pap smear appointment and also [to] walk into Chanel,” she stated. “No big deal.”

In the video’s caption, Bethenny wrote, “Crime is at an all-time high and security is critical.” But she clocked the security guard for allegedly being “elitist and exclusionary.” Bethenny also mentioned that she was sporting a “sweaty tshirt [sic] and not dolled up or looking wealthy.”

Bethenny has some words of wisdom for Chanel

The Skinnygirl mogul continued, “I would never want anyone to feel lesser than, particularly from a luxury brand making billions off of people buying into the hype. Chanel is a beautiful brand with timeless classic pieces. Being kind to customers of all socioeconomic backgrounds is also timeless and classic,” she stated.

You may recall that Bethenny adores Chanel. She experienced some online ridicule for her Chanel birdcage bag, which cost a whopping $20,000. Let us all hope that Bethenny and Chanel will repair their relationship so that we can all move on. Please!

You can watch Bethenny in old seasons of Real Housewives of New York streaming on Peacock.