Summer House star Lindsay Hubbard dodged a bullet with canceled wedding.
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Lindsay Hubbard Dodged ‘Massive Bullet’ After Canceled Car Radke Wedding: ‘Truly Feel Thankful’

The shocking finale of Summer House Thursday showed Carl Radke breaking up with Lindsay Hubbard in the living room of their lavish NYC pad. The conversation was teased during the Season 8 trailer months ago, and fans finally got to see the full conversation between the formerly betrothed couple.

Seeing it all play out may have finally made up some minds about what happened between Carl and Lindsay. And perhaps none more so than the former professional publicist herself, who reacted to reliving the drama with her former lover during a recent interview.

Lindsay “learned a lot” from the breakup

She may have been “blindsided” at the time, but the reality TV star now feels that she dodged a “massive bullet.” Lindsay gave the comments to a profile published in Glamour.

“I really truly feel thankful that the universe, or God, or whatever higher being you believe in, stepped in and saved me from a really long, hard, rough life ahead,” the Summer House star revealed.

Lindsay has been putting the work into herself now, and taking stock of lessons learned.

“And because of that, I learned a lot from a very traumatic experience, and I feel like I learned a lot about what I’m not going to do in my future, especially in my romantic life,” she added.

Lindsay had to pace herself while watching the season

But rewatching the fights with Carl from the Summer of 2023 wasn’t easy. Lindsay had to compartmentalize her feelings and had to be strategic about when to catch up on episodes.

“I kept reminding myself when I would watch each episode that it was the past,” the Bravolebrity shared.

“But what I did differently this season was I stacked the episodes so I wasn’t watching every week like the viewers do,” Lindsay explained. “I would wait a couple of weeks, and then watch a few at a time, then take a month off, and then watch a few more. That way I wasn’t creating consistent anxiety for myself.”

Reflecting on the relationship with fellow Summer House star Gabby Prescod, Lindsay admitted that she ignored numerous red flags.

“I was so in it, and I’m such a fighter. I will never walk away until I can look at myself in the mirror and know that I have done everything humanly possible to make something work,” she explained.

“As we put everything on the table, I saw the red flags that I had been ignoring, out of love, and maybe out of the [desire for a] fairytale,” the Hubb House owner admitted.

Lindsay revealed the moment that made her “skin” crawl

Lindsay shared one particular moment that left her feeling like her “skin was crawling.” The duo had revisited a fight during which the former PR executive asked Carl questions about his career plans.

After insisting, again, that he needed to be coddled rather than questioned, Carl asked his then-fiance for a hug. Lindsay obliged, but was instructed to hug Carl “tighter.”

In retrospect, Lindsay feels that her questioning might have “accidentally” had the effect of Carl looking “dumb” because he lacked “the answers to [her] questions.”

Lindsay’s repeated accusations that Carl was using again was another point of contention. She now admitted that her “delivery was sh-t.”

“It’s hard to understand what it’s like to be with an addict unless you experienced it for yourself,” she stated. “you pay attention to certain behaviors and you worry.” Many fans think Lindsay should have also paid attention to her own behavior.

Ultimately, Lindsay said her concern came from the right place. She questioned his plans because she wanted the best for him.

“At the end of the day, Carl was the love of my life. This was the guy I’m about to marry and spend the rest of my life with. He was my partner. He was my future husband. So when I’m questioning certain behaviors of his, it came from the right place,” Lindsay shared.

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