Brittany Cartwright calls Jax Taylor a "snake."
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Brittany Cartwright Slams ‘Snake’ Jax Taylor, Accuses Him of Acting for the Cameras

What a way to end a season. Viewers of Bravo’s new hit The Valley have watched the demise of Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s marriage every week.

Despite knowing the couple was separated before the season started, fans didn’t know the details. Which is something that Jax and Brittany made sure to tease while promoting the show. Last night’s finale delivered some of those details and fans saw two very different sides of a breakup story.

Brittany was clearly fed up

During the episode, Brittany called their relationship “toxic” and called his attempt to seek professional help “a front.”

The show had already stopped filming but cameras went back up once the couple separated, resulting in a tense confrontation between the two.

Brittany told Jax, “You’re not going to just get away for the way you treated me all these years because you wanna sit there acting all cool, calm, and collected, you’re not.”

After he confessed that he made a therapy appointment, Brittany remained unmoved. “You made it yesterday, right before the cameras came up,” she said. “The day before we pick cameras back up, he all of a sudden has an appointment to see a doctor? This is all a front. This is what he wants everyone to see and believe he’s doing to do these things to change. I bet you money he won’t do it.”

“You’re not going to just get away for the way you treated me all these years,” Brittany stated.

“Mean as a f–king snake”

The mother-of-one went on to tell viewers that “a lot has happened with me and Jax” since the cameras stopped rolling. According to Brittany, as things worsened, Jax refused to leave the house, prompting her to stay at an Airbnb with their young son.

“That shows how selfish Jax is. The fact I had to move out with Cruz, instead of him moving out. He was going out to the bar, coming home and having these horrible hangovers that would make him as mean as a f–king snake.”

For his part, Jax said in a confessional that he “never thought I would be in the position I’m in right now.”

“It’s been an amazing 9 years. I have no regrets. I love Brittany, I love my wife,” Jax said as the episode ended.

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