Did Love Is Blind’s Jeramey Lutinski and Sarah Ann Bick Split?

Fans wonder if Love Is Blind's Jeramey Lutinski and Sarah Ann Bick broke up.
Photo Credit: Netflix via YouTube

Jeramey Lutinski and Sarah Ann Bick had a tumultuous journey during Love Is Blind Season 6. In the pods, the pair developed a fast connection and took a strong interest in one another. Ultimately, Jeramey broke Sarah Ann’s heart when he instead chose to propose to Laura Dadisman.

Once they left the pods, however, Jeramey and Laura’s relationship quickly went south. Jeramey found himself still thinking about Sarah Ann and even admitted that he wanted to meet her. The real turning point came, however, once Jeramey and Laura got back to Charlotte. Jeramey was out all night allegedly with friends, but Laura caught him near Sarah Ann’s apartment by tracking his location.

After this, it didn’t take long for Jeramey and Laura to break up. At the cast barbeque, Jeramey and Sarah Ann chatted and rode off on a pair of jet skis together. Later on, during the Season 6 reunion, it was revealed that Jeramey and Sarah Ann were now officially dating. As of recently, however, several signs point to the pair splitting up.

Jeramey wiped Sarah Ann off of his Instagram

The first major clue of Jeramey and Sarah Ann’s break-up was him deleting all of their pictures together from his Instagram account. There is currently no sign of Sarah Ann on Jeramey’s account, which raises some questions. Jeramey and Sarah Ann are also not following one another at the moment.

While Jeramey’s account seems to confirm that he is no longer with Sarah Ann, hers tells a different story. Sarah Ann still has several pictures of Jeramey up on her account, including their photos from the reunion. This makes the situation even more confusing, as it is unclear why Sarah Ann would keep the pictures up if she was no longer with Jeramey.

Jeramey has allegedly been seen on dating apps

In the last month, Jeramey has allegedly been seen on dating apps including Bumble and Tinder by fans. This seems to be a clear indicator that Jeramey is currently single, and no longer with Sarah Ann.

However, there could also be other reasons behind Jeramey’s profile being spotted on dating apps. It’s possible that Jeramey had old accounts, and simply never deleted them. This is not unheard of and could be a logical explanation as to why his profiles are still up. Furthermore, no one has reported matching with Jeramey, despite running into his profile.

It’s possible Jeramey and Sarah Ann are on a break

If Jeramey and Sarah Ann didn’t break up for good, it’s possible that they could just be on a break. During the Season 6 reunion, it was revealed that Jeramey and Sarah Ann have had some hiccups in their relationship. If Jeramey and Sarah Ann had taken breaks before, it wouldn’t be shocking if they were on another one right now.

Being on a break could also explain the current state of Jeramey and Sarah Ann’s Instagram accounts. Jeramey may have felt the need to archive his pictures with Sarah Ann if they were not together at this exact moment. Sarah Ann, on the other hand, might’ve left hers up if she was sure that she and Jeramey would get back together at some point.

Why was Jeramey and Sarah Ann’s relationship so controversial?

From the jump, Jeramey and Sarah Ann’s relationship was criticized by Love Is Blind viewers. Jeramey was criticized for allegedly cheating on Laura with Sarah Ann, although this was never confirmed. While Jeramey admits that he drove Sarah Ann home, he claimed that they only talked and that nothing else happened.

Sarah Ann, on the other hand, was called out for reaching out to Jeramey after he got engaged to Laura. Viewers found it inappropriate that Sarah Ann would message an engaged man, regardless of her connection with him in the pods. Sarah Ann defended her choice and emphasized that she had no regrets.

While it’s unclear exactly where Jeramey and Sarah Ann currently stand, the majority of signs point to them being broken up. It’s possible, however, that they may just be on a temporary break instead. Neither Jeramey nor Sarah Ann have spoken to this, so it will be interesting to see if they do anytime soon.