The Biggest Gaslighters in Love is Blind Season 6 

Love Is Blind's Jimmy Presnell and Chelsea Blackwell
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix © 2024

Warning: Love is Blind Season 6 spoilers ahead!

The red flags exhibited by most cast members in Love Is Blind Season 6 has fans everywhere questioning the casting process. One of the biggest red flags is the fact that the cast members are constantly gaslighting each other.

Love Is Blind is a social experiment in which single men and women leave their homes to live together. The participants “date” each other from inside their individual pods through a wall. The idea is to see if couples can fall in love based on their conversations sight unseen. After about a month, the couples either decide to get married or say goodbye.

According to, “gaslighting” is defined as using “psychological manipulation to undermine a person’s faith in their own judgment, memory, or sanity.” Frequently, this presents itself as Person A doing something to wrong Person B, and then trying to change the narrative so that it’s Person B’s fault. Let’s take a look at the biggest gaslighters in Love is Blind Season 6, and what they did to earn the title.

Jeramey Lutinkski

We’re starting the list off strong! Jeramey Lutinski is the #1 biggest gaslighter on Love is Blind Season 6. After connecting with both Sarah Ann and Laura Dadisman in the pods, Jeramey proposed to Laura instead of Sarah Ann. One night while living with Laura, Jeramey didn’t come home until 6 a.m. Laura confronted him the next day, asking where he had been.

Jeramey said he “ran into” Sarah Ann, and “stayed up all night talking” in the parking lot of a bar. But Laura had his location, which showed that he was actually in the part of town where Sarah Ann lives. From these clues, it seems like Jeramey cheated on Laura with Sarah Ann. In a clip posted by Best of Reality TV Shows on YouTube, viewers can clearly see that Jeramey is acting like Laura is rude and being annoying when she confronts him.

It’s a classic gaslighting move to focus on the way that the other person is reacting to the bad thing that you did. Jeramey also made constant comments to his fellow cast members throughout the season about how she’s “abrasive.” Jeramey, you were the one out until 6 am with your ex and then lied about it. Laura can react however she wants as far as we are concerned!

Sarah Ann

While Jeramey and Laura were on their honeymoon with the other engaged couples, Sarah Ann sent Jeramey an Instagram DM. According to USA Today, Sarah Ann’s DM said that if Jeramey’s “mind ever shifted in [his] choice” (as in, shifted away from marrying Laura), she would love to meet him. Then, according to the location Jeramey’s phone shared with Laura, it seems plausible Jeramey cheated on Laura with Sarah Ann, as mentioned above.

Despite all that, in the infamous lake house episode, Sarah Ann said to Jeramey on the dock that she felt like everyone hated her and she did nothing wrong. That’s more gaslighting right there! Then the two rode off in the sunset on jet skis together. A match made in heaven tbh. Sarah Ann documented photos from the aforementioned conversation on her Instagram, titling the IG post “beautiful things.” Our hands are literally scalding hot from holding all these mugs of tea.

Jimmy Presnell

Jimmy Presnell connected with both Chelsea Blackwell and Jessica Vestal in the pods, but ultimately proposed to Chelsea. It seems that this decision was heavily influenced by the fact that Chelsea told him people tell her she looks like Megan Fox. She also said that Jimmy shouldn’t “get excited” because people only said that because of her “dark hair and light eyes.” Despite this, Jimmy alluded to Chelsea, when he met her for the first time, that he was “surprised” about her looks. She asked if he meant her tattoos, to which he said no and quickly backpedaled. He then told the cameras that he meant she didn’t look like Megan Fox.

What’s more, Jimmy brought up Jessica’s appearance to Chelsea numerous times – yes, his other match. Who, yes, is a bombshell. All of that is enough to make anyone insecure. But whenever Chelsea brought up her insecurities, Jimmy (and the Internet) acted like she was crazy. In addition, the show heavily implied that Jimmy slept with one of his female friends, who he apparently was going out to drink with as well as texting “all day.”

When Chelsea brought this up, he brushed it off like it wasn’t a big deal. Of course Chelsea shouldn’t get drunk and argue, but that kind of sounds like a big deal. Hopefully we find out more about Jimmy’s past fling in the finale. In more gaslighting news, Jimmy told Chelsea he “wanted a breather” from having sex with her, and then literally told her he didn’t say that. Gaslighting central. (The Reality Ashley captured all the receipts on Instagram). Let us be clear: we are pro-consent always and nobody ever has to do anything they don’t want to do, of course. We’re including it for the fact that Jimmy said something and then tried to convince Chelsea she made it up.

Clay Gravesande

Clay Gravesande spent his whole engagement to AD Smith telling her that he was “afraid to cheat.” That’s a weird gaslight-y comment in itself. Clay waited until the altar to tell AD, after complimenting her looks in her wedding dress, that he didn’t feel it was “responsible” for him to say yes. This is just a way to take the blame off himself. To the camera after the failed ceremony, he told the cameras that he was not truly in love with AD and that he was “worried about her finances.” What does all that sound like? Yep…an awful lot of gaslighting. Team AD!