Jax Taylor's bar slammed with negative reviews after opening.
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Jax Taylor’s Bar Slammed With Bad Reviews After Grand Opening

They say “all press is good press” but I’m going to say that this would not be the case here. If you watched Bravo’s new hit series The Valley, you already know that Jax Taylor opened his own bar/restaurant.

Jax’s Studio City debuted in the final episode of the series with a soft opening to the public. While his marriage to Brittany Cartwright was falling apart, Jax was just trying to make beer cheese the thing to eat in L.A.

Unfortunately for Jax, patrons weren’t really feeling his establishment and took to Yelp to review bomb him.

“Not a good look”

As reported by Page Six, Jax’s Studio City has been dogged with bad reviews since its opening in October of last year. Guests complained about everything from the food to the service to the unpredictable hours of operation.

One review ripped the place apart with a one-star rating. “Everyone was so rude, we were SO DISAPPOINTED. We had left after 10 minutes and will never go back. Definitely need to hire better people to represent your bar. Not a good look. Never had such a horrible experience,” they wrote.

A more detailed review stated, “I hate to leave bad reviews but I have to be honest, this place was not good! I didn’t even have high expectations after word of mouth. The food was barely edible besides the pretzel. Do yourself a favor and stay away from the sliders, the beer cheese, or the nacho cheese. I actually don’t even think either were cheese.”

Finally, the ability to even check it out was an issue. “I have tried to go here 4 times and they are never open. Or it will say they open at 8 pm and when we show up for a drink, they are closed. It’s strange,” someone explained.

Now for the good

But Jax’s Studio City did get some love in the form of five stars. One Yelp user gushed, “Great food, great vibe, and strong cocktails just the way it should be. Service here is solid. We waited only a few minutes for cocktails and food came out under 12 mins. It was a pleasant experience and recommend this any day.”

Another added, “We had the best time at Jax’s! The drinks were great with lots of choices and heavy pours. A bunch of the cast from The Valley were there and were so friendly and excited to hang out with everyone.”

You can now stream all episodes of The Valley on Peacock.