Why We Want To Be Brynn Whitfield When We Grow Up

Why we want to be Brynn Whitfield.
Photo Credit: John Nacion/Getty Images

We were all trepidatious when Bravo fans were told their beloved Real Housewives of New York franchise was not getting the boot but being rebooted. Luckily, the new group of women really won fans over, particularly Brynn Whitfield. The loveable singleton cracked jokes at her own expense and never took life too seriously. In my opinion, Brynn is the whole package: Beautiful, funny, and flawed in an honest sort of way.  

She looks like Meghan Markle

Okay, maybe not everyone in the world wants to be compared to the woman who (supposedly) single-handedly rocked the royal family recently. (Read Prince Harry’s Spare and you might gain a different insight.) But hey, Brynn could be the spitting image of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Correction: the pre-royal version of Meghan Markle. You know, the girl who held briefcases on Deal or no Deal. The two have a lot in common.

What would Jesse Solomon do?

He’s hit on her, of course! In a recent post, Brynn captioned a black and white photo of herself asking, “Finance. Trust fund, 6’5, blue eyes.” The new season of RHONY showed Brynn opening up her heart for love and bringing much-needed levity to the season. When Jesse Solomon slid into the comment section with the simple question, “Should I get color contacts?” fans were here for the match made in heaven. I mean, if you get one of the hottest guys from Summer House hitting on you, she must be doing something right.  

I actually love this pairing for a hookup. Brynn has her choice of men. So, I don’t necessarily think Jesse is her type. But she always said she was looking for an Abe Lichy. And that could be Jesse. Brynn knows precisely what she wants, and she isn’t about to settle on a Bravolebrity, in my opinion. But it must be nice with a smile or wink of your eye to have multiple men standing on her front stoop at any given moment. 

Brynn is our generation’s Jessica Rabbit

Some women just have the IT factor. Like Brynn, these women come across with a girl next door vibe mixed with a vixen. No matter what Brynn chooses to wear, she looks great. Between a lime green dress and jeans and a baseball cap, you just don’t know what kind of girl you’re getting. Brynn can keep everyone on their toes as they try to figure out her next move. Which they won’t. Without a doubt, Brynn is a smokeshow, but she also comes across as extremely kind.

I imagine she has some sort of superpower that I can only dream of. Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous, but she is also the kind of girl you want to be friends with. The freshman season showed Brynn opening up about her tough childhood and embracing new friendships. She was comfortable in her own skin, which is something to be admired. So many of us nowadays second guess who we are due to being bombarded with images or ads. But Brynn makes being herself look easy, and I’d like to imitate that. 

Brynn gives single girls hope

I swear Brynn makes looking single easy. Even though she is more than open to finding her perfect match, she isn’t about to stop having fun while waiting for it. The fashionista embraced her relationship title. And shared all the benefits that go along with not having to think about a partner. She showed how fun living on your own could be, including learning chess and searching for the perfect rare book for her collection. Honestly, watching Brynn share her single life was a breath of fresh air for those who are tired of being told, “Oh, you’ll be next.”