West Wilson on "disaster" Summer House reunion with Ciara Miller.
Photo Credit: Todd Williamson/Bravo via Getty Images

West Wilson Responds to ‘Disaster’ Reunion With Ciara Miller

The perspective has changed drastically. West Wilson and Ciara Miller’s dynamic on Summer House Season 8 was fun and flirty. All the while, fans were rooting for the potential couple.

The nurse-turned-model took her time to feel out the situation. West was perceived as being respectful at first. Then, questions started coming about how exclusive the Bravolebrity newbie truly was. He denied sleeping with other women while filming. Those words came back to bite him at the reunion.

It’s as if the entire facade slipped. As Ciara shared her side of the story, it felt clear that West was prioritizing his new-found fame over her feelings. Meanwhile, the Missouri native stumbled through his answers.

West blames “external factors” for his behavior towards Ciara

West is now giving post-reunion interviews. Damage control is a strong motivator it seems. The reality TV star spoke with Bustle the day after the “disaster” reunion aired to share his point of view.

“I was nervous because I hadn’t seen her in a long time. And two, we never had hardcore closure,” West said. “We just agreed to maybe not talk, and then I didn’t really know where we stood. Three, I tried to react to what everyone else was saying [instead of] saying what I wanted to say. It was such a disaster.”

It’s a reasonable assessment of what went down. Ciara described giving West a chance to end things, only for him to take her home to meet his parents and attend a wedding. Talk about mixed signals.

“He was playing a game with me,” the veteran Bravolebrity told host Andy Cohen at the Summer House reunion. “[I] went to his parents’ house. We went and stayed with his brother in Chicago. We went to a wedding.”

Reflecting on the reunion with Bustle, West doubled down on his impression that he and Ciara ended matters on a clean slate. He also failed to take accountability for hurting the Summer House favorite.

“But looking back after the reunion, [I realize] I blamed a lot of external factors for my unreadiness to date,” he explained. “The more I think about it, the more I think her feelings [at the reunion] were valid.”

Summer House viewers are siding with Ciara on this one. If West was hoping to build a fan base, it’s backfired tremendously.

“I’m blown away by all the support and kind messages after last night,” she wrote via her Instagram Stories after the reunion aired. “Just wanted to say I so appreciate it and I see all of you.”

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