Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2, Episode 2 Recap: The Never-Ending Vagina Monologues

Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2, Episode 2 recap
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Welcome back to the United Arab Emirates! It’s time for the Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2, Episode 2 recap. On this week’s episode, titled “Friendship on the Rocks,” Brooks and Stanbury spiral downwards, as Chanel launches upwards, celebrating the opening of Ayan Beauty. Here’s everything that just went down in the desert on RHODubai Season 2, Episode 2.

Loud birds and their victims

Taleen’s husband is taking their children out, as she prepares for a visit from her girls. He can’t find their shoes though, so she has to help. Then, one of her babies runs out with her nipple pasties, making this entire scene relatable AF. Sara arrives, and Taleen’s husband exits.

Brooks enters next, “fashionably late.” The ladies head to the balcony to drink Champs, looking out over Taleen’s views of The Palm. Here, Brooks tells her friends that she’s struggling with Chanel, Lesa, and Stanbury. Taleen notes that Stanbury is getting closer with these women.

Speaking of Stanbury, she’s out with Lisa and Chanel. After ordering, Chanel stresses about Taleen’s voice last week, saying that it reminds her of “this bird in South Africa,” the Hadada. Overall, Taleen exhausts Chanel, but Stanbury clocks her new friend, telling her “that’s how I felt about you last year.” Chanel laughs, and Lesa asks Chanel how she’s feeling about Sara.

“What she said really f*cking hurt me. I’ve never played victim. I’m a survivor,” Chanel answers. She then cries, revealing that her father often left her scared as a little girl.

Then, Stanbury admits that she’s still annoyed with Taleen. Taleen isn’t retelling Stanbury’s comments made about Taleen’s drunken fall at the Beyoncé concert correctly.

Back at Taleen’s, Brooks asks who cares if Taleen fell and flashed her Taleen’ussy (my word), because Stanbury’s done worse. Sara reprimands Brooks, asking her not to fall into the same gossipy patterns as Stanbury.

Fun killer.

Ayan Beauty and future plans

Chanel Ayan for Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2
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Chanel is starting a beauty line called Ayan Beauty, which she hopes will make her rich. After thanking her models, Chanel sits down to talk shop with her business partner and her husband. This talk breaks her brain.

Afterwards, she tells her man that she couldn’t sleep, because she realizes that she went too far with Sara. To fix things, she wants to write Sara a letter.

Meanwhile, over at Lesa’s, her mom is coming into town, so she and her husband joke about how they can get her to relocate to Dubai permanently. On this, they want to get her an apartment. She can’t live with them forever, because Lesa’s too loud in the bedroom.

Chanel and Sara hash it out, as Brooks says neh

Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2, Episode 2
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Several beats later, Chanel and Sara meet up to clear the air. Chanel apologizes, and then reads Sara her letter. Sara loves it, asking if Chanel wrote it alone. Chanel says yes, but in a flashback, we see that her husband actually helped.

In turn, Sara also apologies, and she hands Chanel a small angel made of stone, which likely costs more than my life. Chanel cries. They agree to talk about things moving forward, instead of listening to their costars. Especially where Brooks is concerned, on Chanel’s end at least.

As for Brooks, The Glass House is draining her batteries. Luckily for her, Taleen arrives to break up her day. They chat as Taleen’s little girl receives a manicure. Taleen notes that Brooks is so calm now, but once again, the producers enter in, slicing in footage of Brooks calling Stanbury a “two-faced b*tch” behind her back at Taleen’s previous balcony meet-up.

Then, Taleen tells Brooks that she’s hosting a “small little gathering” while her family is in town. She’s inviting Stanbury. Brooks hates this.

Family and fighting

Taleen for Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2
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Lesa’s mom arrives, and it’s all smiles. Not smiling though is Sergio Carrallo, Stanbury’s husband. This is because his new wife, her daughter, and her ex-husband are all going on a college tour in America, and he’s not been invited.

Stanbury laughs. I’ll cuddle you, Sergio.

Taleen’s party arrives, as does the drama. Brooks is still annoyed that Taleen invited Stanbury, so Sara calls her over, getting her out of her funk. As she approaches, Brooks air kisses Stanbury, and then makes a pointed joke of “I hope you waxed your vagina” to Taleen.

Stanbury overhears and says nothing, but Sara pulls Brooks aside, asking for her to stop. Then, Sara farts, lightning up the mood, but not the air quality, as Brooks and Taleen start drinking and dancing. Then, Taleen introduces Sara to a potential love match, but Sara’s not feeling it.

Fully drunk now, Brooks pulls Stanbury in for a hug. They call each other out on both of their cheap shots made. Here, Sara plays the “jelly to the peanut butter,” and brings them outside for a private chat. She then scurries off, leaving them to it.

“You’ve been winding stuff up with Taleen, she’s told me,” Stanbury begins. “About what?” Brooks asks. “About me not liking her,” Caroline answers. Brooks stands up to retrieve Taleen, eager to deal with this.

Taleen comes out, but she’s unable to mediate. Things grow tense, and Stanbury leaves. “This is more than [my] vagina” Taleen notes, as the credits roll on Episode 2.

Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2 continues every Tuesday on Bravo at 9/8c.