Leva Bonaparte defends Kyle Cooke amid cheating accusations.
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Leva Bonaparte Defends Kyle Cooke Amid Cheating Accusations: ‘I Was Present’

Leva Bonaparte has jumped in to defend Summer House’s own Kyle Cooke after cheating allegations popped up. Instagram user @facereality16 shared a video showing Kyle apparently getting cozy with another woman despite being married to Amanda Batula.

Lucky for Kyle, he had an eyewitness to defend him that night. The Southern Charm star took to her Instagram to send out an explanation.

Leva says Kyle wasn’t drunk and wasn’t flirting

On June 13, TikTok user @queensofbravo posted DMs from Leva to @facereality16. The lengthy message saw Leva stepping in to defend Kyle. She said she couldn’t “stand by and watch the internet go after someone’s marriage when it’s based on zero facts.” Leva claimed she was there that night and could provide the “ACTUAL FACTS.”

Leva explained that Joe Bradley invited Kyle to Lamar’s that night. Once Kyle was there, Leva was with him almost the entire night. As such, she could refute the claim that Kyle was drunk. As for the girl, Leva explained, “In the video he is speaking to a woman who is a good friend of mine and also happens to be an old friend of Kyle’s.”

The restaurateur also emphasized that the girl in question is in a committed relationship of her own. As for this woman’s identity, Leva wouldn’t bite. “She prefers to remain anonymous since she is not part of the reality community as she is a very accomplished and respected person in her field.” In closing her explanation, Leva reemphasized, “This was purely a friendly interaction.”

Leva also expressed disappointment in the online chatter. “This type of rumor is very damaging to a person’s marriage.” She also lamented for Amanda’s cause, having to stress over nothing. “It really upsets me that this is being spun into something more than a friendly … conversation.”

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