Lindsay Hubbard allegedly not allowed to talk about The Traitors.
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Lindsay Hubbard ‘Can’t Really Talk’ About Traitors Rumors

Despite breaking up months ago, Lindsay Hubbard was forced to relive the worst summer of her life via the magic of television.

Summer House Season 8 was filmed over the summer of 2023. It was meant to record Lindsay and her fiancé Carl Radke celebrating in the months leading up to their wedding. Instead, it documented the demise of their relationship.

The fighting began the first weekend and the bickering continued throughout the summer. A drunken Lindsay constantly accused Carl of being “not sober” and “on something.” Most hurtful of all, she called him “Cocaine Carl” while questioning his hard-fought sobriety. She accused him of being unsupportive while constantly nagging him about when he was going to get a job. Theirs was not a match made in Heaven.

Life goes on

Fast forward a few months, and Lindsay’s picked up the pieces and moved on with her life. On Part 2 of the Summer House Reunion, the former PR expert confessed that she has a new man.

“He’s so sweet,” she told host Andy Cohen. They’ve been seeing each other since January. “Yes, it’s serious,” she claimed. Rumors to the contrary, Lindsay is not pregnant. And the new boyfriend doesn’t watch the show, so he’s coming in without any preconceived notions. Oh, boy.

In addition to her new “babe,” Lindsay opened her new Hubb House rental property in Nashville. She’s also working on her mental health and healing in therapy. Kudos to her for that. Everyone can use a little help managing life.

As she says, “I was just so focused on Carl’s needs and planning a wedding. Then once I was out of it, I started focusing on the things that I wanted to do and my needs.”

The Traitors rumors

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On May 13, Lindsay attended the wedding of Summer House castmate Andrea Denver in Verona, Italy, his hometown. That’s also where Romeo and Juliet lived … and died. Congrats, Andrea! I’m sure your love story will turn totally differently than Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers.

While sending it in Italy, Rolling Stone caught up with Linds and asked her about those Traitors rumors currently making the rounds. “There are some rumors going around that you were originally cast on this season of Traitors that just filmed, but then you had to pull out at the last minute,” asked the reporter. “Do you want to address that?”

“I’m also trying to understand more about that rumor,” Lindsay responded. “But unfortunately, no, I can’t really talk too much about Traitors.” Oh, so does that mean she was on the show? That was a rather cryptic answer. Only time will tell!

All episodes of Summer House and The Traitors are now streaming on Peacock.