Monica Garcia experienced body image issues after miscarriage.
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Monica Garcia ‘Was Ashamed’ About Body Image After Miscarriage

Promoting self-love is not always easy, and no one knows that better than Monica Garcia. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City mom shared that she’s suffered from feeling ashamed about her body after a recent miscarriage. But in the end, she realized she needed to learn to love herself.

The mom of four tackled the topic less than two months after revealing her loss. She spoke about how the pregnancy affected her body and some of the physical changes that were less than desirable.

Loving herself

However, despite the changes in her body, Monica has decided that she doesn’t care about her new physique. She is learning to embrace and celebrate her body.

She shared a photo of herself having A Little Mermaid moment at the beach with an empowering caption.

“Loving yourself just as you are is the greatest revolution!” she said in her post. “Body positivity isn’t a lie, and you do not exist solely to lose weight and be pretty.” 

She added that she was the heaviest she’s ever been and dealing with rolls, cellulite, and stretch marks. “I’ve got it all,” she wrote. “But because of the way we have shifted our mindset and learned to accept it, I do not care.”

Her new outlook shows how far she’s come. She admitted to struggling with her body image before and had a hard time wearing a swimsuit in public without covering it up with a shirt or shorts. But she doesn’t feel that way anymore. Now, she’s getting inspiration from body positivity icons and accepting and loving the skin she’s in.

“I felt ashamed of my body,” she admitted. “But you cannot deny how far we have come as a whole with body positivity and learning to LOVE our bodies as they are. Curvy women are being celebrated across the board now.

Her sudden miscarriage

Monica was as forthcoming about her pregnancy loss as she was when she announced she was pregnant in April. Several weeks after the exciting announcement, she shared she lost the baby and how heartbroken she was about the news.

“I don’t have many words, and I am still processing this myself,” she said. “As quickly as this happened, that’s how quickly things have changed.”

Just like promoting body positivity, this openness about pregnancy loss is just as poignant as many women suffer this pain in silence. Monica took the opportunity to share her pain and send her love to all women experiencing miscarriages, infertility issues, pregnancy problems, and angel babies.

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