The Best and Worst Bachelorette New Season Promos

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Photo Credit: Bachelor Nation via YouTube

The Bachelorette Season 21 is right around the corner, and fans are ready to watch leading lady Jenn Tran find love. While there are still a few weeks to go until Jenn’s season, several promos have dropped to promote her journey for love. Every time a Bachelorette new season drops, it’s hard not to compare it to previous ones. Over the last few years, some Bachelorette promos have hit it out of the park, while others have fallen short.

Charity Lawson – Best

Charity Lawson led The Bachelorette Season 20, which aired in the summer of 2023. Charity’s promo was classic, but elegant, which makes it one of the best recent Bachelorette promos. In her promo, Charity was dressed in a red ballgown, that matched the walls of red roses on either side of her. There were also some pink roses scattered in, which helped to give the promo an extra pop of color.

The roses of course pay tribute to the show, and the roses that the leads hand out to their contestants. Placing the roses on walls on either side of Charity was more creative than just having her hold them, as other promos have done in the past. Overall, Charity’s promo photo was stunning and really helped to build up the excitement for her season.

Michelle Young – Best

Michelle Young searched for love during The Bachelorette Season 18, which aired in the fall of 2021. From the jump, it was clear that production did their homework with Michelle’s season. Michelle had one of the most eye-catching promo posters in Bachelorette history, which immediately caught the eyes of viewers.

While Bachelorette promos usually photograph the lead from a distance, Michelle’s promo featured a close-up photo. Michelle looked stunning as she smiled in between a frame of flowers, which included roses. Although you can’t see much of Michelle’s outfit, her golden dress and white and pink earrings matched the color scheme perfectly. Finally, the slogan “love is in bloom” worked perfectly with the theme of Michelle’s promo.

Tayshia Adams – Best

Tayshia Adams took over on The Bachelorette Season 16, where she replaced Clare Crawley as the lead. This was a Bachelor Nation first, as fans originally expected Clare to complete the season. However, this last-minute change provided viewers with one of the best promos in Bachelorette history.

In the promo poster, Tayshia grins in front of a series of news headlines that discuss her being the new Bachelorette. Tayshia sported a bright blue dress that was completed with a skirt that matched the news headlines in the background. The slogan “the rumors end now” fit perfectly, as there were many rumors about who would take over for Clare. Tayshia’s promo was extremely creative and really captured the suspense around her season.

Katie Thurston – Worst

Despite the hype that surrounded Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette season, her promo was painfully basic. Katie led The Bachelorette Season 17, which aired right before Michelle’s season. The difference in their promos was obvious, and it was clear that production worked much harder on promoting Michelle’s season.

In her promo poster, Katie simply sat and smiled at the camera, while holding a rose. She wore a simple white tank top and a leather skirt, rather than a gown. Nothing about Katie’s promo paid homage to her or her season, which just made it bland. Furthermore, the slogan “see what all the buzz is about” didn’t add much either. Unfortunately, the production team failed with Katie’s promo, and she deserved better.

Jenn Tran – Worst

Jenn’s promo also fell below par, and it just seemed pretty random. The promo poster features Jenn sitting inside of a large arcade game, with various dolls and stuffed hearts scattered around as prizes. Jenn herself is sitting on the handle that typically pulls the prizes out of the game, where she sports a red dress while holding a fake rose.

While Jenn looks stunning in the poster and is dressed well, the concept is strange. The plushies that are supposed to be her suitors look somewhat cheap, which takes away from the promo. Furthermore, the promo doesn’t really represent much about Jenn or her personality at all. After several seasons of more creative promos, the production team could’ve done much better with this one.