Jennifer Pedranti felt caught in the middle of Alexis Bellino and Shannon Beador.
Photo Credit: Greg Doherty/Bravo via Getty Images

Jennifer Pedranti Felt ‘Caught in the Middle’ Between Shannon Beador and Alexis Bellino

Jennifer Pedranti is feeling a bit like a ping-pong ball these days. The Real Housewives of Orange County star is caught in the middle between her two warring friends. Things have been tense between Shannon Beador and Alexis Bellino ever since Alexis started dating Shannon’s ex, John Janssen, earlier this year.

“Working that dynamic the entire season was so hard because I like Alexis,” Jennifer shared. “[But] I can see how hard it is for Shannon, and being within that dynamic, you’re constantly caught in the middle.”

“I’m either pissing Shannon off by being sweet with Alexis, or I’m pissing Alexis off by being friendly with Shannon,” she added. “It’s just this battle that goes on for us the entire season.”

Wives at war

Alexis returns to RHOC as a “friend” of the cast for Season 18. Her dating Shannon’s ex forces the cast to pick sides. In the Season 18 trailer, Alexis is clear that she’s not afraid of Shannon and is ready to defend herself, vowing, “If she wants to go toe to toe, I’m ready.”

Alexis has been very open about her new boyfriend, even gushing about their great sex life. That’s got to sting for Shannon to hear.

Going into the new season, Jennifer wonders which of the two women will win the viewers’ support. “I think everybody has compassion for Shannon, for sure,” she tells Us Weekly. “[Yet] I think everybody wants Alexis to be happy. It is a weird spot.”

Jennifer in love

While Shannon and Alexis battle it out over John, Jennifer’s relationship with fiancé Ryan Boyajian is stronger than ever. Viewers of Season 18 will see footage of the couple getting engaged in the Bahamas earlier this year.

“I hope people understand the depth … and the love between Ryan and me,” Jennifer says. “That moment in the Bahamas was the greatest moment — aside from having kids — of my life.”

“I met Jenn out in the Bahamas at our favorite spot, and it was magical,” Ryan adds. “It was super special for us.”

“The bond between Ryan and me is truly — as cheesy as this sounds — unbreakable,” Jennifer feels. “It is my forever … my other half … my soulmate … I have a best friend and a soulmate all in one man. Nothing, not one person, not one thing will ever ever ever come between Ryan and me.”

For his part, Ryan is “grateful that we found each other in this stage of life, and we’re so excited for the next phase together.” Until his legal issues entered the chat, I assume.

Real Housewives of Orange County premiers July 11 on Bravo.