Our Predictions for Below Deck Med Season 9

Predictions for Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9.
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Below Deck Med Season 9 is finally here! After only two episodes, Season 9 has already proven itself to be chaotic and addicting. Captain Sandy Yawn has returned along with fan favorite Aesha Scott, who is serving as the Chief Stew this season. The first charter of the season wasn’t the smoothest, although Captain Sandy and Aesha certainly weren’t to blame.

Season 9 features several new cast members, and not all of them are as experienced as Captain Sandy anticipated. The first charter of the season revealed the crew’s strengths, as well as several weaknesses. I predict that some cast members will shine this season, while others may succumb to the pressure. Keep reading for all of our Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9 predictions.

Season 9 will be Captain Sandy’s best season yet

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When Captain Sandy first made her Below Deck Med debut, she was a tough nut to crack. Sandy always maintained a no-nonsense attitude onboard, but some viewers felt she was too strict in some of her earlier seasons. As of recently, however, it seems as if Sandy has started to soften up. Sandy was very understanding during Below Deck Med Season 8 and seems to be doing the same so far in Season 9.

Furthermore, the Season 9 trailer teases a big life event for Sandy in the upcoming episodes. It shows Sandy proposing to her girlfriend Leah Shafer, who she is now married to. It’s great that Sandy was able to share this special moment with Below Deck Med fans, as it also helps to show a different side of her. With a positive attitude and new engagement, Season 9 could be Captain Sandy’s best one yet.

Aesha will carry the season and the interior crew

Photo Credit: Greg Doherty/Bravo via Getty Images

Aesha has been a fan favorite since her first appearance on Below Deck Med Season 4. The Chief Stew is known for her witty sense of humor, which makes her a huge hit with guests as well. During Season 9’s messy first charter, Aesha stayed calm, cool, and collected. Despite running into numerous obstacles, Aesha nonetheless made sure the guests had an enjoyable experience.

While Aesha certainly carries the season on our screens, I predict that she will have to carry her interior team as well. So far, we’ve met two of Aesha’s stews this season, Elena Dubaich and Bri Muller. Both Elena and Bri are green stews, meaning that they lack experience on yachts such as the Mustique. With Aesha’s extensive yachting history, it seems like she will be doing most of the interior team’s work this season.

Bri might get fired

Speaking of Aesha’s green stews, Bri’s performance during the first charter could get her axed later on this season. Bri struggled with laundry, which is arguably one of the simpler tasks assigned to the interior team. When several of the guests found themselves missing clothes, Aesha found Bri in the laundry room making absolutely zero progress.

A few of the guests clothing garments somehow got lost between their rooms and laundry, which is a huge problem. If Bri doesn’t improve her laundry game, Captain Sandy might decide to fire her and replace her with a more experienced Stew.

Chef Johnathan might not have an easy season either

Another new crew member who could be in trouble this season is Chef Johnathan “Jono” Shillingford. Jono ran into a sticky situation during the first charter, when Elena tried to wake him up to make late-night snacks for the guests. After being asked to come make grilled cheese, Jono said no and firmly stood his ground. Jono later defended his decision and explained that it was important for him to get enough sleep instead.

Apart from the late-night snack catastrophe, the Season 9 trailer teases Jono running into more trouble. After receiving remarks from guests that his food was “ok”, Jono looks rather offended. Furthermore, while Jono produced some good meals during the first charter, some of his meals were more of a miss. Jono has a long way to go if he wants to live up to the name of a Below Deck Med chef, which I hope he will do as the season continues.