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Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Episode 4 recap Mzi Dempers

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Below Deck Mediterranean is basically a show that never ends. Over the years, it’s turned into an endless cycle of cliffhangers. With cameras rolling virtually 24/7, it’s at times hard to recall where one episode ends and the next begins. This became all the more noticeable to me over the past few weeks as I’ve been binging an old season of the OG Below Deck. (Season 3, to be exact.) Can you even believe that entire charters used to begin and end in the same episode? Now we’re four episodes in and still only in the middle of the crew’s first night out!

Speaking of that, last week we left on in the midst of Mathew Shea and Lexi Wilson‘s tiff over whether they would ever deign to speak to one another in real life. We all know the answer is a resounding “NO,” so why are we still arguing about this? I’d much rather hear all the reasons Katie Flood never wanted to become a chief stew. Or all of the girls gossip about the creepy uncle vibes Mat continuously gives off. Or listen to Malia White argue that you can be a “good person and work in yachting.” Kind of rich coming from her of all people, but OK…

David Pascoe Below Deck Mediterranean - Season 6

There’s a new batch of yachties setting sail under Captain Sandy Yawn.  And Below Deck Mediterranean viewers know that Sandy can be polarizing, especially to her interior staff.  Though with Hannah Ferrier gone, there’s a lot less tension on board already.  New Chief Stew Katie Flood is quite capable in her job, and has earned the respect of her captain.  So far so good onboard.

Of course there are no issues between Sandy and her protege Malia White.  They worked together last season and know what to expect from each other.  Malia and Sandy have always spoken highly of each other and the bosun is certainly indebted to the captain for guiding her in the industry.  Maybe it’s Malia’s good opinion of her boss that trickled down to her team.  And if the team head is doing well, there won’t be negative interaction between deck crew and Sandy.  A halo effect.

Below Deck Med season 6 episode 3 recap

At the end of last week’s Below Deck Mediterranean, we didn’t even know if the primary guests’ upcoming wedding was even going to happen. Quick recap: the entire charter had been one disaster after another. The crew was operating on pure adrenaline while still getting their sea legs under them. The whole first charter was leading up to one thing: a Mediterranean wedding officiated by Captain Sandy Yawn. And the crew did get things more under control by the second day. But then the soon-to-be bride and groom started fighting. The argument escalated to the point that the groom called off the wedding, storming out of the cabin and leaving and eavesdropping Katie Flood scampering for cover.

The fight carries into the rest of the night. (Though it’s unclear whether the bride ever made good on her threat to call her fiancé’s mother. I need to know.) Lexi Wilson is left to eavesdrop on the argument during the late shift. And by the time everyone heads to bed, it’s unclear what will happen the following day. Holy matrimony is officially up in the air, people. Bright and early the next morning, the mood has quieted to an angry simmer. The tension during breakfast is palpable. The groom is overcompensating with jokes while the bride sits silently, brooding over her eggs Benedict. Finally, Katie‘s forced to break the ice and ask if the crew’s planning a wedding. The couple tersely agrees to a sunset ceremony.

Hannah Ferrier

How are all you Below Deck Mediterranean fans feeling about this season? It’s the first season without long-time Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier. As an unapologetic Hannah stan, it’s been hard for me to watch without her. Especially considering Bravo decided to bring back Malia White, who was the cause of Hannah’s ultimate firing. Also, let’s be real, no one wants to watch Captain Sandy Yawn pretend to mentor these people when it’s really just a master class in micromanagement.

While Hannah might be gone from Below Deck Mediterranean, she has moved on to calmer seas. She got engaged and had a baby. But being a public figure and having a baby aren’t always the easiest thing, as Hannah recently found out on social media.

Katie Flood Below Deck Mediterranean

Anyone watching the new season of Below Deck Mediterranean knows that a boat romance is on the horizon.  Take that from experience watching the Below Deck franchise, and the powers of hiring a certain mix of attractive people and its inevitable that crew members will be hooking up.  It’s just a matter of who, when, and whether it will be a hookup or something more.

Boat romances are just messy, season after season.  Gary King and Sydney Zaruba didn’t wait past the first episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2.  This rather unfortunate decision prevented Gary from getting the girl he really wanted in the end.  Of course, Alli Dore moved on to greener pastures and is happily awaiting the birth of her first child with boyfriend.  Jessica More and Robert Westergaard got in over their heads with emotions, but there was nothing to keep them together in the end.  Even after a dream vacation in Bali together.  Former chief stew Hannah Ferrier and Bosun Conrad Empson bonded over cigarettes and a mutual distaste for Captain Sandy Yawn before things went sour over an argument about fifty euros.  This small sample of broken hearts is, of course, one reason we keep watching.

Katie Flood from Below Deck

It’s a small professional field in yachting.  It’s also a small dating pool too apparently.  Only a fellow yachtie will understand living and working in the industry, the fickle nature of it all and the lack of stability.  Most Below Deck alums that have found successful relationships have also reverted back to land life.  Below Deck Mediterranean star Hannah Ferrier is a prime example, as well as Amy Johnson, and Aesha Scott.

There are few natural loves that us Below Deck fans are aware of.  Perhaps only Captain Lee Rosbach and his “bride” is the only successful love story in this industry.  Otherwise, these folks either avoided love, or were left heartbroken.  Now, one pairing that fizzled out after Season 4 is coming up again because of the above-mentioned limited dating pool.

below deck med season 6 episode 2 recap mathew shea chef

Wow, the season premiere of Below Deck Mediterranean was an unmitigated disaster, huh? Captain Sandy Yawn readily admitted she pretty much failed on the first night of the season. Like, we’re talking falling flat on her face (much to the delight of many a viewer, I would presume). The weather was terrible. Chef Mathew Shea jumped ship at the first sign of stress. Therefore, the food, cooked by the rest of the crew, was atrocious. (Shout-out to the commenters who reminded me that Malia White played sous chef all season last year. That ability to help in the kitchen must’ve gone overboard with Tom Checketts…) The demanding guests were unforgiving. The whole thing really couldn’t have gone worse.

So now the main question is…can the crew right the proverbial ship? Or will it sink before the season’s even left the dock? In the aftermath of that terrible dinner, the answer to that question is uncertain. The guests got sloshed in order to choke down the food they were served. And although primary Terez is still throwing a tantrum in her cabin, everyone else seems to be in a (drunkenly) decent mood. One of the guests even insists on making chief stew Katie Flood do an “airplane” like a six-year-old. That seems like it would cross a line about appropriate treatment of the crew, but anything to save the tip, I guess?

Captain Sandy Yawn

Below Deck Mediterranean fans may not always like the drama that Captain Sandy Yawn brings to the show.  She can be abrasive and has a particular management style that doesn’t always inspire confidence within her crew, but what Sandy has accomplished in her professional life is undeniably admirable.

Sandy is at the top of her field in a male dominated industry.  She’s the captain of a super yacht cruising the Mediterranean year after year.  And when Sandy sees potential in a member of her crew, she is ready to nurture their career advancement.  She took Joao Franco under her wing in Season 4, followed by Malia White who is on her second season as Bosun.  Sandy is definitely enthusiastic for the advancement of women in all ways, and that includes spreading knowledge about health issues.