Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2, Episode 3 Recap: Closing Time for C-Bombs!

Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2, Episode 3 recap
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Welcome back to the diamond-encrusted desert! It’s time for the Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2, Episode 3 recap. On this week’s episode, titled “Don’t Cross the Caro-line,” Stanbury and Brooks finally talk, as Sara attempts to revive her love life. Here’s everything that just went down in the shiny sand dunes of RHODubai Season 2, Episode 3.

To be, or not to be … a c*nt

Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2, Episode 3
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Stanbury and Sergio are finally moving. Michael, Stanbury’s bestie, is excited to reclaim his space. So excited that he’s throwing a “Good Riddance Party,” and all of the “girls are coming.”

While packing, Stanbury notes that after leaving Taleen’s party, things turnt up. The scene flashes back to Chanel, telling Stanbury that “She [Brooks] called you a bad, bad name.” Stanbury guesses correctly. Brooks called her a “c*nt.”

The entire situation confuses Chanel, and myself. As for Stanbury, she jokes that Brooks’ behaviors make her want to stop drinking. She then has to explain to a befuddled Sergio that she doesn’t mean this. It was “just a metaphor.”

Stanbury’s hypnotherapist arrives, placing her into a trance. Turns out, she’s becoming her mother. Because she’s “playing mommy” to Sergio.

She opens her eyes, saying that she won’t micromanage Sergio anymore. Cue Sergio, who walks in smiling. Stanbury tells him that she can’t be fixed overnight, so, stop.

Later on, Brooks, Sara, and Taleen get together. “Ayan called me and told me I called Caroline a c*nt,” Brooks laughs. Her friends look disappointed. But, Taleen doesn’t remember this, so she asks a producer in her confessional if it was recorded. It was.

Taleen’s done talking about her Southern hemisphere, and she thinks that something deeper than her little coochie-cartwheel is the problem. Lesa agrees, and asks Brooks if Chanel and Stanbury’s friendship is at fault. Brooks says no. In her confessional, Brooks hints that Lesa is the actual one that’s triggered by this, not her.

Brooks agrees to call Stanbury, who “isn’t a c*nt. She is a b*tch though.”

Good riddance, times many

Sara for Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2
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The get-out party begins, and we finally meet Saba, Taleen’s friend. She seems fun, unlike Sergio, who Sara pulls aside. He tells her that he feels invisible in his wife’s eyes. Sara hugs him, and he leans all the way in.

In a dark corner, Saba joins a laughing Sara and Sergio, telling them that Chanel’s looks are “over the top,” and that this is “not her kind of people.” Finally, Stanbury enters. She heads for the other corner, approaching Taleen and Chanel. Stanbury’s tit pops out here, and Taleen jokes about the body-showing irony of it all.

There’s a noticeable absence. It’s Brooks. Stanbury uninvited her. Her costars are once again annoyed at this sad fracture.

Speaking of sad, Yasmine, Stanbury’s daughter, joins Sergio, telling him that he’s a “bit clingy” with her mom. “It’s because I love her,” he explains, looking like he needs another one of Sara’s hugs. A cake rolls out, and Yasmine bites the heads off of the edible Stanbury and Sergio toppers. She then reattaches Sergio’s head to her mother’s dress-wearing figure.

“You can live out your lifelong dream of wearing a dress,” she jokes. Sergio’s face further falls. Instead of offering him a hug, Sara pushes him into the pool. Sergio’s white pants become completely sheer once wet, and now, I need a minute.

Sara swerves, as Lesa’s mom curves

Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2, Episode 3
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Sara is meeting Taleen’s friend Daniel after all. But she’s not labeling it as a date. Even still, her little boy is sad, because he believes that all men are bad. Heartbroken, Sara explains that not all men suck, and that she’s going to make good choices, not just for her, but for him as well.

Lesa and her mom head out to Old Dubai, where the spice and fabric shops have me green with envy. After shopping, they sit down for a fresh seafood lunch. At the table, Lesa asks her when she’s moving to Dubai. She then reveals in a confessional that her father had a whole second family in Canada, which when discovered, obviously saw her pulling away from him.

The lunch ends with Lesa’s mom finally saying that she’ll consider a move to Dubai.

Sara’s non-date is a double one, with Taleen and Rafi. Daniel arrives late, and gets interrogated once he sits. For the record, his Arabic is bad, he hasn’t been to jail, or even court, and yes, he believes in aliens. Sara’s not really feeling it though, because he’s a Libra.

Let it go, let it goooooo

Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2, Episode 3 recap
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Stanbury and Brooks sit down for a much-needed chat. Brooks arrives 26-minutes late, which Stanbury calls out. Brooks blames it on her business. But Stanbury says “we all have our stuff.”

They order. Once again, Brooks brings up Stanbury’s comments on Taleen’s muff. Stanbury thinks she was being funny, and as Taleen has moved on, Brooks needs to as well. In her confessional, Stanbury blames this mess on her emerging friendship with Chanel and Lesa.

Sure enough, in her own confessional, Brooks finally admits that she did nothing but stand up for Stanbury against Chanel and Lesa last year. She even cut off her friendship with Lesa. In return, she doesn’t feel like Stanbury has done the same. As Stanbury’s now growing close with these women, Brooks is feeling a massive case of WTF.

Even still, they admit that they have work to do. They then call each other stubborn, without raising their voices, as the credits roll on Episode 3.

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