Daisy Kelliher's sister Bonnie suffers bad moped accident.
Photo Credit: Gabe Ginsberg | Getty Images

Daisy Kelliher Reveals Sister Bonnie Had Moped Accident in Thailand: ‘Miracle She’s Alive’

Daisy Kelliher just shared some concerning news on her social media. The Below Deck Sailing Yacht star’s sister, Bonnie, found herself in a moped accident while in Thailand. Thankfully, Bonnie is alive, but sustained major injuries.

As such, Bonnie found herself as the recipient of multiple surgeries over the last few weeks. One can only imagine the turmoil Daisy and her family experienced. Daisy recounted everything that went down.

Daisy celebrated her sister’s 34th birthday in the hospital

On June 19, Daisy took to Instagram to share her sister Bonnie’s experience, with permission from her family. “2.5 weeks ago my sister had an accident in Thailand,” Daisy wrote. “I got a message on instagram from a friend of hers telling me she had been in an accident with no other information.”

She continued, “Without going too much into the specifics, she has had several surgeries including her chest, face and brain and two emergency surgeries one when it happened and one over the weekend and a 12 hour surgery last week. She got discharged from ICU over the weekend and is now in a normal room and looking like another two weeks in hospital possibly longer.”

In a follow-up post, Daisy told her followers that she made it to Ko Samui on June 18. She wrote, “I am sat by [my sister’s] side on her 34th birthday, with the extent of her injuries it’s quite a miracle she’s alive and we all feel optimistic and positive with time she will make a full recovery.”

Her stated purpose in sharing Bonnie’s story was three-fold. She wanted to encourage motor vehicle safety, especially while traveling. Daisy also emphasized the importance of travel insurance. Lastly, she encouraged her followers to look out for their friends. And Daisy should know about close relationships; she’s got friends in high places. Our hearts go out to Daisy and her family at this time.