Christine Brown on her love with David Woolley.
Photo Credit: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Sister Wives Alum Christine Brown Reflects on ‘Forever Love’ With David Woolley

Christine Brown is looking back on all the life events that led to her finding her “Forever Love,” David Woolley.

“Every step of my journey brought me here,” she captioned an Instagram photo on June 17. “Watching the sunset with my forever love, grateful for every moment that led us to this beautiful beginning.”

Since celebrating their October 2023 wedding with friends and family in Moab, Utah, Christine and David have been on something of a non-stop honeymoon. Their travels have included a family vacation to London, England, as well as their official honeymoon to Disneyland California.

Christine’s happily ever after

The Sister Wives star announced her separation from “spiritual” husband Kody Brown in November 2021, following 25 years together. They share six children: daughters Aspyn, Mykelti, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, Truely, and son Paedon.

Just over a year later, Christine and David began dating and went public with their relationship in February 2023. Even though she was happy with her newfound love, her ex Kody couldn’t find it in him to be gracious about her moving on. He very publicly revealed his “hate” for her and was open about feeling “betrayed” by his former partner.

Is it any wonder his two remaining spiritual wives, Janelle Brown and Meri Brown, quickly followed in Christine’s footsteps? The father of 18 children has since become monogamous and lives with his only legal wife, Robyn Brown, in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Happy at last, Christine said in September 2023, a month before their wedding, that her new husband “has more integrity than anybody I know.”

“His word is his bond, and it means everything to him,” she continued. “If he says he’s going to do it, he’s going to do it … He’s a phenomenal person, to the core. He’s just outstanding … I won the lottery with him.”


Shortly after their marriage, David expressed his own happiness with his new bride. “I always wanted a traveling partner,” he captioned an Instagram post. “[But] I never expected I’d find the whole package. I love being married to this woman!”

Unlike her previous relationship with Kody, in which Christine had to fight for attention and never felt important, she’s surprised that marriage with David is so easy. “It’s really simple. It’s a simple, simple life,” she says now. “And I didn’t know I could have a simple life with somebody.”

“I didn’t know I would find a soulmate, [but] I totally found a soulmate,” she added. “I come with a lot of complications, and he loves me — and that’s the best thing of all.”

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