The Best Seasons of Big Brother US

The best seasons of Big Brother US.
Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Big Brother 26 is almost here! The new season will kick off with a two-night premiere on Wednesday, July 17, and Thursday, July 18.

Much about the upcoming season is still under wraps but a new promo released earlier this month got fans talking. The short video revealed that the walls of the BB house “will talk” this summer. Fans have been speculating about what the cryptic message could mean. Some fans thought the promo conveyed that AI would play a part in the upcoming season.

While we wait for more clues about BB26 to be revealed, let’s take a look back at the show’s history. The new season will have big shoes to fill. There have been so many great seasons throughout the years that it is hard to imagine BB26 topping some of our favorites.

In honor of the show’s return, we’ve compiled a list of the five greatest seasons of all time.


Here we go:

5. Big Brother 20

The “modern seasons” of Big Brother often get flak for not being as competitive or compelling as the earlier seasons. However, Big Brother 20 stands out from the pack. There was intricate gameplay, mostly on behalf of mastermind Tyler Crispen, a dynamic cast of characters, and some new, innovative twists. BB20 introduced numerous players who went on to be fan favorites, including Tyler, Bayleigh Dayton, and Kaitlyn Herman. It also featured something fans adore, a split house. Too often a large alliance forms early on and takes control of a season. These alliances spell death for a Big Brother season. It’s no fun watching one big group control the game while players on the sidelines have to beg for short-term safety. The best-case scenario is a split house where power is constantly shifting between two groups of people. This was the case with BB20. The power struggle between FOUTTE and Level Six was a joy to watch and kept viewers on their toes.

4. Big Brother 14

Big Brother 14 started slow but once the coaches were offered the chance to forfeit their authority and join the game as regular players, the game took off. The newbies were now forced to compete with all-star players Mike “Boogie” Malin, Dan Gheesling, Janelle Pierzina, and Britney Haynes. Easy mode was turned off and expert mode was activated. BB14 featured countless memorable moments, including the blindside of Shane Meaney at the final four and Willie Hantz’s impromptu exit from the game. Not to mention Dan’s Funeral, which might be the greatest Big Brother moment of all time. I’ll never grow tired of watching Dan weasel his way out of trouble.

3. Big Brother 6

Another season that featured a split house was Big Brother 6. Ah, yes, The Friendship vs. Sovereign Six. The two alliances battled it out all season and they didn’t always play fair. They broke promises, exchanged nasty words, and even got physical with each other. The house wasn’t just divided, they were at war. The drama was constant, the gameplay was solid, and the cast was excellent. Overall, it was a great season.

2. Big Brother 10

Big Brother 10 didn’t have any crazy twists but it didn’t need them. The season felt like a return to basics and gave the cast members a chance to play within the limits of the game. It featured extraordinary gameplay on behalf of BB fan-favorite Dan Gheesling and was compelling from start to finish. The cuckoo cast of characters made the season wildly entertaining to watch. There was no shortage of iconic moments, from Keesha Smith’s birthday celebration gone wrong to Jerry MacDonald comparing Dan to Judas.

1. Big Brother 7

Big Brother 7, also known as the first Big Brother: All-Stars, is our number-one pick for the best BB season of all time. The season featured an incredible cast of dynamic players from the first six seasons, which resulted in masterful gameplay. There were fights, blindsides, and some truly unforgettable pitches on eviction nights. We could watch this season over and over.