Summer House Season 8 Recap: Was It the Best Ever?

Summer House Season 8 full recap.
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With Summer House Season 8 under viewers’ belts, we finally have a moment to catch our breaths. This summer in the Hamptons was jam-packed with fighting, love stories, and, of course, some epic theme parties. Between our regularly scheduled Thursday night fights with Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera’s skilled flirting, fans were left wanting more each week. I dare say that Season 8 was the franchise’s best yet. But you don’t need to take my word for it. Take a look below at the highlight reel. 

The facts

According to Bravo, Summer House Season 8 was the most watched of the series. And it has already been renewed for Season 9. Summer House has always been underestimated, but most fans would argue it is their top pick when it comes to a series on the network. This season had a way better edit surrounding other cast members, which in turn gave it a more well-rounded vibe. A big shout-out has to go out to the Lindsay and Carl trainwreck, who undoubtedly helped earn these top ratings. Together, each of the Summer House personalities made sure to share their true feelings. The clincher was seeing the women rally at the end around Lindsay proving this was a real group of friends. 

He will throw petals

There is no denying that Paige DeSorbo was once again on top when it came to her witty confessionals. The fashionista didn’t miss a beat when it came to roasting Danielle, Kyle Cooke, or her own boyfriend, Craig Conover. So imagine my joy when Paige got wind that Carl hadn’t asked Kyle to be a best man but rather a flower boy. Paige’s face said it all when it came to the boys’ friendship. 

In a scene for the ages, Paige noted, “I know that it looks like I’m sitting here listening to this conversation, but I’m bursting inside. Kyle officiated their wedding, and they are making him a flower boy. I wonder who made that decision. ‘He will throw petals as I walk down the aisle that’s what she thought. That’s insane.” Thankfully, Carl and Lindsay called off their wedding, and Kyle didn’t have to throw petals of any sort.  

Kymanda had troubles

Kyle and Amanda Batula had an amazing last summer and winter. But entering into Season 8, the two were not on the same path. But this was more than just a tiff. Both seemed exhausted and lacked communication skills. Early on in the season, Kyle confessed that he wondered if his wife even “really liked” him. Amanda was struggling with her own inner demons and wanting to break free from Loverboy. This season tested them, but after a blow-up fight where Kyle acted like a complete jerk and announced he wanted to be a DJ, the two seem to be moving in a positive direction. 

West Wilson

Bravo also decided to introduce two new men to the shared house after seasons of the ladies outnumbering the men. With the introduction of West Wilson and Jesse Solomon, everything changed. West captured the heart of Ciara Miller even though the relationship has since fizzled. Jesse’s bravery in sharing his cancer story hit home with a lot of viewers. The Boys of Summer didn’t disappoint. 

The break up


Lindsay feels that Carl was laying the ground work all summer to villanize her. #SummerHouse #RealityTV #Hayu

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Season 8 wouldn’t have been as big of a success without the demise of Lindsay and Carl. We knew it didn’t bode well for the couple after Lindsay accused Carl of using drugs early on in the season. The two just couldn’t stop bickering, and Carl’s need for a “softer” woman really drove the PR guru over the edge. As the season finale wound down fans watched as Carl ended their union once and for all.

However, it did feel like that Carl was working an angle for the entire season leaving Lindsay to be blindsided. That said, how Lindsay could be “blindsided” when every single word was toxic is curious. Call it kismet or too many cooks in the kitchen, “the talk” left everyone quaking in their boots. Thus solidifying that Season 8 of Summer House would be one for the books.