Peter Thomas facing jail after IRS issues.
Photo Credit: Prince Williams/WireImage via Getty Images

Peter Thomas Takes Plea Deal, Could Be Jailed: ‘No Excuses’

Losing a woman like Cynthia Bailey is the second dumbest thing that Peter Thomas has ever done in his whole entire life. The first is failing to pay his taxes on his nightclubs. I mean, he collected these taxes out of his employee’s wages. Yet, the whole handing of these funds back over to the IRS part never actually went down, sometimes.

After a long legal battle, Peter has now decided to accept a plea deal. This former Real Housewives of Atlanta star knows that what he did is wrong. Therefore, he’s offering us “no excuses.” All he can do now is await his sentencing, as we take in his statement on this matter.

Peter’s plea

“I’ve done some wrong that I have to make right. I have to stand up, I have to be accountable, I have to be responsible, and I have to pay my debt,” Peter began, after first apologizing to his mom, his late dad, his kids, his friends, his immediate family members, and anyone else who had originally been in his corner.

Peter then explained that the IRS has been building this case for a few years. However, their findings go back to roughly ten years ago, as many of his struggling businesses were also checked into. Peter acknowledged their findings, admitting that he had been late in paying his taxes. At other times, when his businesses were struggling, Peter also revealed that he had sometimes failed to pay anything at all.

This was something that he thought he could “catch up on,” but this “hole” of his just kept getting “deeper.” He regrets this, “with all sincerity,” offering “no excuses, because there is none, that’s the law.” Peter finally ended things by encouraging other business owners to make sure that they have solid funds at the ready. He also apologized to the US Government.

According to WSB-TV Atlanta, Peter now faces up to five years in prison, plus a $250,000 fine, alongside the possibility of three (or fewer) years of supervised release at his sentencing. At this time, a sentencing date has not yet been scheduled.