A Definitive Ranking of Every Below Deck Med Bosun

A definitive ranking of Below Deck Med bosuns.
Photo Credit: Greg Doherty/Bravo via Getty Images

Being a bosun is no easy feat. You have to organize your time and trust your deck crew. Viewers of Below Deck Mediterranean have seen many a bosun come and go, but some are better than others. So, let’s see if we agree with all of Captain Sandy Yawn’s hires and fires.  

9. Ruan Irving

Perhaps one of the worst bosuns of all time had to be Ruan Irving, who was fired for forging his nautical documents. The man didn’t even last one episode. While sorting out the paperwork for her crew and vessel, Captain Sandy found herself stuck between a rock and a hard place, unable to leave the dock if Ruan stayed on board. Ruan did admit to bringing copies of his medical license instead of the original. 

The Port Authority notified Captain Sandy because Ruan’s Yachtmaster paperwork revealed he had used someone else’s photo. At the time, Captain Sandy noted, “This is major. This is, like, a whole different level. It’s not okay. The entire vessel could be arrested because of one crew member.”

8. Raygan Tyler

Only the second female bosun to hit the high seas, Raygan Tyler sadly only lasted five episodes. The Essex-born bosun seemed to be unqualified for her job role. During a very early episode, Raygan upset Captain Sandy after the skipper noticed a few issues when it came to docking. Sandy held an emergency meeting with the bosun, explaining that there only seemed to be chaos on deck. The commander noted, “There was a point where you called three meters, and I had less than half a meter. And that can’t happen, Raygan. It’s dangerous.”

7. Bryan Kattenburg

While on the Ionian Princess, Bryan Kattenburg wasn’t well-liked due to his chauvinism. Even though his Bravo profile claimed he was a “skilled captain” who embraced the “yachtie lifestyle,” Bryan had difficulty making friends on the boat. Most famously, Bryan clashed with Jen Riservato. And even though he was okay at his job, his role as the bad guy led to his ultimate firing. 

6. Conrad Empson

Working on board the Talisma Maiton, Conrad Empson was the boss who famously fell for Hannah Ferrier. Their hook-up caused a lot of drama, which had to have Captain Sandy get involved. Even though he claimed to be a hard worker, his work ethic took a hit as he needed the time to argue with Hannah. Since leaving the series, Conrad now buys and sells houses.

5. Storm Smith

Storm Smith stepped up after Raygan’s departure. He is one of the best bosun’s out of the franchise. Storm seems cool, calm, and approachable! Even though he would need to figure out how to talk to his crew especially Jason Gaskell, overall, he was okay on his interpersonal skills. As a bosun, Storm really went above and beyond to make sure the guest experience was everything they ever wanted.  

4. Luka Brunton 

At a time when Captain Sandy was scrambling, Luka Brunton stepped up after the firing of Ruan. However, Luka’s lack of experience as a bosun was highlighted by his lack of managing skills. He struggled to make a proper schedule and put the crew down for breaks. But the mistakes were minor. As Captain Sandy shared Luka had the willingness to learn. Perhaps the biggest faux pas was when he distracted the captain, causing her to fall and hurt her wrist.  

3. Wesley Walton

The bosun who stole Malia White’s heart wasn’t all bad at his job. Wes Walton was made a bosun at just 25 years old and had a very strong work ethic. I actually don’t remember a lot about Wes, which is probably good. If the worst thing he did was have a fight with Adam Glick on his day off, then he is okay in my books. 

2. João Franco

It might be an unpopular opinion, but I like João Franco as a bosun. After a few years off, João came back and redeemed himself. He made amends with Aesha Scott and really looked after his team. The South African has always been a hard worker, but his attitude was not always top-notch. However, with a bit of humbling, João has found himself a fan favorite. 

1. Malia White

Malia made her Below Deck Mediterranean debut in Season 2 as a deckhand. After taking some time away from the series, she triumphantly returned as the first-ever female bosun. During her time as a deckhand, she became friendly with Captain Sandy. The skipper decided to take her on as a mentor and saw the skills Malia had. Even though Malia is not the most liked by fans, she knows how to do her job. The Floridian can easily take charge of an all-male crew. She knows how to work hard and is passionate about working her way up in the yachting industry. 

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