Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2, Episode 4 Recap: The Queens Are Fighting

Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2, Episode 4 recap.
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Welcome back, my desert-loving dears! It’s time for the Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2, Episode 4 recap. On this week’s episode, titled “Drama Queens,” we meet Sara’s hot new man. Yet, the real fire here takes place at a celebratory party for the queens in Chanel’s life, because several of these cast members have lost all of their f*cks left to give. Here’s everything that just went down in the always-hot locale of RHODubai Season 2, Episode 4.

Bootcamp and a blow-up

Taleen is bringing her love of a woman-centric workout sesh to Dubai. As a Muslim country, the female population in Dubai is not always comfortable working out alongside their male counterparts, but Taleen is hoping to change this. Her boot camp on the beach ensues, with many local ladies joining in. They flip tires, run with parachutes, and do so many things that make me tired by proxy because I’m an inside cat.

Too bad for Taleen though, because her husband wants her literal eggs in another basket. He wants a son. Godspeed, Taleen.

Speaking of sons, Sergio is cuddling Stanbury as she packs up their rental space. I mean, I got a flick in the forehead from my loving mate this morning, so Stanbury’s got it great if you ask me. Instead of cuddling him back though, they fight, because this move has been stressful af.

Dead people and dying friendships

Chanel Ayan, Season 2 of RHODubai.
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No, this section called Dead People is not about myself. Instead, it’s about Chanel, Lesa, and Stanbury, who are hoping to find out how old Chanel is via a forensic dental scan, which is apparently not just for the dead. As Chanel doesn’t exactly know her age, she’s hoping that this scan answers a few questions for her. Such as who is older, herself or Stanbury.

They have to wait though. This doctor’s report will take a while.

Across town, Brooks is also waiting, but her wait is on her preteen son, who won’t return her cuddles. I feel this. Don’t try flossing Brooks. It won’t make you more relatable, just, trust.

Luckily, Brooks’ mom is heading back into town to help with her grandson. While on the phone with her mother, Brooks reveals that she and Stanbury are at odds. Her mom is shocked, and Brooks asks her for her help in figuring this whole mess out, once she’s in town.

Coffees, changes, and sad conversations

Sara on Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2.
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Sara and Saba meet up for a girly coffee chat, and also, I want to be their friend. But, I’m not, yet. During their Amy-less banters over their ethnicities, Sara receives a phone call from a hottie named Akin, who is about to head down to Dubai for a little visit. Akin lives in Germany, and in the gym, and Sara’s feeling everything that he’s selling, as am I.

Stanbury and Sergio are also feeling something, and it’s their new home. They are finally moving in, but right away, one of their dogs pees, and it goes all over their expensive new floors. He’s just a good boy though. Christening his new mansion for his humans.

Equally enjoying her own home is Taleen, but she’s not yet fully comfortable in her kitchen. She usually has a chef, so when she’s left in charge, struggles happen. As she’s mixing a few things though, Taleen’s focus shifts onto Yasmine, Stanbury’s daughter, who verbally put down her stepdad Sergio at a party just a few days prior. On this, Taleen is sad for Sergio.

The Queens have arrived

Chanel’s throwing a queens-themed party for the ladies. Naturally, her event is being held where the VIP/VIIP/VVIIIPPPPPP Beyoncé debacle went down. Her girlies all arrive late though, leaving Chanel waiting alone in her crown for quite a while. Once they arrive, their seating selections at Beyoncé come up once again, causing a few more debates in turn.

Things settle down, and Chanel thanks everyone for being her queens. She also asks Brooks and Stanbury what is going on between them. They both brush things off though. It’s a cold war now.

But then, Chanel decides to play a little game. She asks each of the ladies to pick someone at the table, saying why their chosen woman is a queen. This goes incredibly well until Taleen chooses Stanbury. As she’s lifting up her costar, Brooks heavily rolls her eyes.

Afterward, Taleen asks for some alone time with Stanbury. In their removed spot, she asks Stanbury if she and Sergio are okay. Stanbury says that they are, but in her confessional, she admits that she’s frustrated with Sergio because he should not be talking about their issues with their peers.

They return to the table, but a few of their costars are now annoyed about their private chat. Lesa asks what it was about, and Taleen explains that she “was just looking out for a friend.” This answer settles nothing though, so Taleen asks for Lesa to just “move on.”

In response, Lesa tells Taleen that she’s “being b*tchy,” as Brooks jumps in to help calm things down. Her efforts mostly work. For now.

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