Ashley Wirkus is Team Carl Radke.
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Former Summer House Star Ashley Wirkus Backs Carl Radke After Lindsay Hubbard Split

It seems like everyone has an opinion regarding the epic breakup between Summer House stars Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard. And this time Ashley Wirkus is speaking out. Ashley starred in the first two seasons of the show and was always the voice of reason in the group. After watching season eight, Ashley is Team Carl over Team Lindsay. And she has a lot to say as to why. 

Ashley thinks Carl and Lindsay weren’t the right match

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Ashley is oh too familiar with Carl’s ways. Her sister Lauren Wirkus briefly dated him on the show, and Ashley was not a fan. She also called out Carl for being a playboy and knew he was not the right guy for her sister. So, it’s interesting that Ashley has sided with Carl instead of Lindsay regarding their breakup.

US Weekly reported Ashley’s thoughts on Carl and Lindsay, and whether or not she felt Lindsay was blindsided. She said about Carl, “I thought Carl actually handled himself very, very well. I thought he was super well-spoken. We only see glimpses and I thought he was trying really hard to make it work.”

However, Ashley was a no on the blindsided issue. She said, “I know they were saying, ‘Oh, it was set up.’ I don’t think it was set up by him. I think he was trying to have an honest conversation and it didn’t go that well.” None of their conversations went well to be fair.

She added, “I don’t know much about the relationship but what I saw on TV, they did everyone a favor by not being together.” Amen to that.

Then Ashley spilled the tea on her friendship with Lindsay. She shared, “I knew Lindsay well before the show. She was at my wedding [and] our friendship kind of ended. … I think maybe because we weren’t on the show anymore and we weren’t a part of that anymore.” Did Lindsay drop Ashley because she was no longer on the show?

Ultimately, Ashley thought Carl and Lindsay weren’t right for each other. She noted, “I think if they were the right match, it would have worked out. I think when you’re not the right match, it doesn’t work out, unfortunately.” 

In conclusion, perhaps Ashley will join season nine to be an ally for Carl and mix things up with Lindsay. It would be great to see her again!

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