Lindsay Hubbard says she was over Carl Radke when Summer House S8 aired.
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Lindsay Hubbard Was ‘Already Over’ Carl Radke Split When Summer House Aired

Summer House star Lindsay Hubbard moved on from her ex-fiancé Carl Radke faster than a speeding bullet. It’s hard to believe, but Lindsay was already over her relationship with Carl before the eighth season airing. Last season, Lindsay’s feelings for Carl flipped on and off like a light switch. However, she always wanted to fight for him. This is why it comes as a surprise that Lindsay was over Carl so quickly after their break-up.

Lindsay shut her “emotions off” from Carl

Lindsay Hubbard, Andy Cohen, and Carl Radke at the Summer House Season 8 reunion.
Photo Credit: Jocelyn Prescod/Bravo

Season eight was all about Carl and Lindsay’s tumultuous relationship. It was clear the two were not right for each other, but they couldn’t seem to let one another go. Lindsay would put forth her best effort but then would accuse Carl of not being sober. Carl would reassure Lindsay he wanted to marry her, and then the next minute voice doubts. 

At the end of the season, Carl called off the wedding. And even though they fought the entire summer, Lindsay felt blindsided. It was only six months after their break-up that season eight aired. So, how was Lindsay already over Carl?

Heavy reported why Lindsay was able to move on so quickly. Lindsay stated, “I was already over it [when season 8 aired]. It didn’t take me too long, based on how he broke up with me. It was just a massive betrayal and lacked integrity and respect.” 

She continued, “It made it easier for me to shut my emotions off for that person. Because he did it the way that he did, I didn’t have any residual feelings for him. I was over it well before this season aired.”

As we learned during the reunion, Carl is scared of Lindsay. Which is probably why he needed Andy Cohen and a camera to break the news to her. 

While Lindsay has a new man, she still thinks of Carl. She said, “I was in love with this man, he was the love of my life, we were gonna get married. [He was] my best friend for eight years. There were moments that I missed him as a friend, but, after speaking with my therapist, she was like, ‘But he’s not the person you thought he was.’” 

Luckily, Lindsay moved on quickly. Now it will be a wait and see how the two react to one another during season nine.

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