Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2, Episode 5 Recap: A New Man and a Familiar Fight

Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2, Episode 5 recap
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Welcome back for our Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2, Episode 5 recap, where the drama between Brooks and Taleen comes to a well-styled head. On this week’s episode, titled “A New Home and Game of Telephone,” Sara’s fine fella Akin arrives into town, blessing us all with his … everything. Meanwhile, Stanbury throws a party in the desert, but the drama that follows destroys her event’s peaceful vibes. Here’s everything that just went down on RHODubai Season 2, Episode 5.

The maybe babies of Dubai

Stanbury and Sergio Carrallo are in their new house, which their dog christened in Episode 4. Chanel arrives as their first visitor, making me smile, because these two have come so far. Naturally, she arrives in full-on glam.

As Chanel gets the grand tour, they arrive at Caroline’s future nursery. Chanel asks “How is the baby going to be in this room when your room is upstairs?” Stanbury laughs, explaining that her new baby will be “like every single baby I’ve ever had,” sleeping in another room.

Sergio interjects, saying “The baby has to be with us, honey.” Cue Chanel, joking “Guys. We have to discuss your baby situation, but I like the room.” Chanel also “believes that if Caroline doesn’t give Sergio his desired “fun baby,” then their “marriage is not going to work.”

Across town, Taleen heads to the park with her family. On a bench, she tells her husband that she had a dream about a blue-eyed son. While this excites her husband, Taleen’s still on the fence. Her cup is already filled to “at capacity,” but her husband wants a son, so, yikes.

Also, who’s going to tell these men that “fun babies” and specific genders are hard things to guarantee? Or are they not, and I’m just poor?

Telephone troubles

Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2, Episode 5
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I used to hate that telephone ice-breaking game as a child. And here it is, popping up in Dubai, Here we go.

Taleen starts off, telling her man that she is getting calls from Brooks, and one of these came right after Chanel’s queen’s dinner ended. In this, Brooks allegedly told Taleen that “she heard Caroline Stanbury say to Lesa, I don’t know why Tal pulled me away from the table. We’re not friends like that. And then she says, Tal, don’t you get it, Stanbury doesn’t like you.”

Naturally, Taleen calls Stanbury afterwards, but Stanbury explains “no, I didn’t” say that. So then, Stanbury calls Lesa. Lesa explains that “I specifically told Brooks [that] Stanbury was also confused as to why Taleen needed to pull her to the side. That was it.”

Overall, Taleen thinks that Brooks is stirring the pot. This is putting Taleen in a bad place, so her husband wants her to tell Brooks to stop telling her stuff. He also notes that his wife should “choose [her] words” well in this chat, so that Brooks isn’t angered.

Expanding times 3

Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2, Episode 5
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Lesa is expanding her line. She wants to be a one-stop shop for moms, which yasss. Also, her creams can be used in many areas. Even “your nipples.”

*Circles left tittie, whispering, “sold.”

Sara’s new man Akin is finally in Dubai. He meets up with Sara and Maktoum, her son, for coffee. Maktoum calls Akin a “caramel seduction,” because this tiny man is speaking for me now. It’s clear to see that Mak and Sara adore Akin, but when her boy asks Akin when he’s going to become his new daddy, I wept.

Maktoum, if Akin is a bust, we will all ride at dawn.

Speaking of expanding families, Stanbury and Sergio head to the doctor. They’re debating surrogacy, but it’s still illegal in Dubai. Sergio wants this baby in Caroline’s womb though, saying “I have to have it.” The doctor tells them that if Stanbury’s going to do this, then they’ve only got a year left.

I see dead people problems arising soon.

Ramadan rumblings

Caroline Brooks, cast photo for Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2
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It’s Ramadan, so Chanel, Sara, Saba, Brooks, and Akin meet up for Iftar, a fast-breaking dinner. The ladies are just as into Akin as I am. They grill him, and this pleases Sara.

Later on, Brooks meets up with Taleen for a drink. Taleen’s worried about Brooks, because she’s getting skinnier by the day. However, Brooks is more worried about Stanbury’s upcoming desert party.

Taleen then makes her move, telling Brooks that she “instigates behind the scenes.” She uses the telephone game (aided by flashbacks) as proof, saying that Brooks is “the queen” of this. Brooks disagrees, explaining that she’s “being direct,” not stirring a pot. She’s mad, so Taleen asks if they can move forward, but Brooks’ walls are already up, saying “I’m good.”

Drama in the desert

Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2 cast photo
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At Stanbury’s desert-based lunch, every cast member arrives appropriately dressed. Minus Chanel. She’s in a ball gown. I can’t.

They split up and enter into their chosen sports car, heading for their site. Taleen and Brooks don’t ride together, and this gets noticed. At the dunes, Brooks notes that Lesa seems “jealous” over how close Stanbury and Chanel are becoming. But it’s her healing journey that enters the chat next.

Chanel asks “How did you get to this place, where you’re so calm?” As Brook’s thinks, Taleen says “she’s not so calm,” adding “I got into a bit of an altercation [with Brooks].” Brooks pops in to say that this wasn’t an altercation, it was just communication. Things grow tense, and Taleen hints that maybe they aren’t as close as she had thought.

“That’s fine,” Brooks responds, as every female watching sighed. Things are not fine at all.

Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2 continues Tuesdays on Bravo at 9/8c.