Love Island USA: Is Season 6 The Best One Yet?

Is Season 6 of Love Island USA the best season yet?
Photo Credit: Kim Nunneley/Peacock via Getty Images

If you’re not watching Love Island USA on Peacock, you’re missing out on the hottest show of the summer. Until now, the stateside version has always been in the shadow of the original Love Island. Sadly, the UK series isn’t doing it for fans this year. Fortunately, Love Island USA started strong and just keeps getting better. If you follow any Bravo or reality TV fan accounts on social media, you’ve surely seen chatter about it.

Any Love Island UK loyalists who gave USA a past try but couldn’t get into it, I implore you to try again. If things continue at this rate, Season 6 could rank alongside the all-time great UK seasons. Only halfway through, I feel pretty confident calling this the best Love Island USA season yet, and here are a few of the reasons why.

Ariana is the perfect host

USA has its answer to Love Island UK host Maya Jama! One of the reasons there are more eyes on Love Island USA this year is because of superfan-turned-host Ariana Madix. The TV personality’s fan base is bigger than ever thanks to her latest gig.

Ariana is the perfect host, and not just because she nails a sassy slow-mo entrance. She’s funny, charming, and quick on her feet, which is needed with this cast. When recouplings and eliminations spiral out of control, she’s able to get through to the screaming islanders. As she promised ahead of the season, Ariana is like a wonderfully supportive big sister to the girls. She also hilariously calls out the guys’ bad behavior, which is sorely needed.

There’s been a lot of talk about the opportunities Ariana’s received since Scandoval. Watching this season of LI USA, it’s clear she gets those opportunities because of her undeniable star power. I imagine that, no matter what happens with Vanderpump Rules, Ariana will keep this gig as long as she wants it. Also, she looks better than ever!

Twists and turns keep everyone on their toes on Love Island USA

Ariana Madix talking to the ladies of Love Island USA Season 6.
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One of the reasons this season of LI USA is so elite is that producers refuse to allow even one boring episode. By this point, Love Island is a well-oiled machine. From bombshells to the recouplings to Casa Amor, even the biggest twists became predictable staples.

But if any Islander – or viewer – thought they could predict this season, they’re in for a surprise. This season feels almost experimental with some of the twists. Additionally, the contestants themselves are so chaotic, that they provide shocking twists just through conversations.

The challenges lead to drama

The cast on Love Island USA competing.
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While they’re a major aspect of the series, Love Island viewers have a love-hate relationship with challenges. When they’re bad, it just feels like a desperate attempt to pad out episodes. However, there’s been a shocking lack of challenges on Love Island UK this year, and they’re sorely missed. But on LI USA Season 6, every challenge counts.

So far, every challenge has an impact on the episode or season as a whole. For instance, a dance challenge forced contestants to reveal if they wanted to stick with their current partner or twist to someone else. The results shocked viewers, caused some very emotional fallout, and led to the end of several established couples.

The challenges themselves are creative and very complicated and come with elaborate sets. Maybe producers were inspired by Love Island Games?

Every contestant brings it on Love Island USA

It's not Dance Party USA, it's Love Island USA dancing.
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Ariana said it herself. One of the reasons this season is so good is the “perfect” cast of islanders. No one fades into the background in this group. The villa full of strong personalities means there’s been many, MANY gasp-worthy meltdowns and fights.

While Liv Walker hasn’t found a love connection, she’s constantly stirring up drama and calling people out. Leah Koteb amassed an army of stans, even as her moves and words get her in trouble. Viewers fell hard for Kordell Beckham, for reasons that have nothing to do with his superstar brother. And Rob Rausch’s poolside meltdown felt like the Love Island equivalent of Colton Underwood jumping over that fence.

To me, the clear standout is JaNa Craig, who gives instantly iconic quotes every episode. She loves to read the dictionary, she’ll make bombshell eggs in three different ways, and she dreams of living in a house shaped like her first initial. She’s hilarious, even while crying over plants. JaNa is charming, confident, a total girls’ girl, and stunning. To echo what Ariana said on Aftersun, I have no idea why the guys aren’t lining up to couple with her.

You truly can’t predict what any of these young singletons are going to do next. And that makes things very exciting. Even if it also gives viewers a bit of whiplash!

No one plays it safe

I’m not sure if the islanders know how popular this season is. Or they might just be too chaotic to maintain a strategy. Because no one seems too concerned with maintaining likability. No potential backlash is stopping them from taking a huge risk.

The girls showed they weren’t playing things safe back in week one of the season. It’s refreshing to watch them explore other options, even if it’s just a kiss in a challenge. Meanwhile, the guy contestants started to move mad as soon as they heard it was time for Casa Amor. Especially the guys who seemed the most closed off.

At this point, I’m not sure there are any strong couples. But there’s still three weeks for that. For now, I’m just enjoying the massive risks and unpredictable twists and turns. There’s no other show on right now that can have such massive changes day to day! And this means there’s yet to be a boring episode, which is very impressive. That alone might make this the best Love Island USA season yet.

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