Why Ariana Madix Is the Perfect Love Island USA Host

Photo by: Lila Seeley/PEACOCK via Getty Images

Another day, another dream job for Ariana Madix! Ariana will replace Sarah Hyland as the host of Love Island USA. This comes after the Vanderpump Rules star made guest appearances on LI USA Season 5 as well as Love Island Games.

Her first appearances came at the height of Scandoval. But now, almost a year later, hosting is a much more permanent gig. Here’s why we’re excited to see this hot new bombshell enter the villa to host next season.

Ariana is a Love Island superfan

Ariana Madix/Instagram

Vanderpump Rules viewers will remember the argument Ariana and Tom Sandoval had about watching Love Island. Loyal LI viewers (this author included) gasped at how dismissive Sandoval was about not having time for the show.

While Sandoval threw a fit about wanting to be on Dancing with the Stars, there’s no doubt that appearing on Love Island is Ariana’s dream. Sandoval can’t claim it was something he always wanted (though he might try).

Like The Bachelor franchise, Love Island has many aspects that set it apart from other dating shows. As a super fan, Ariana knows what viewers want from a host. She’s surely practiced her sassy slow-mo walk a hundred times. And she knows all the lingo. After her breakup with Tom, she memorably said he gave her “the ick”.

Ariana’s previous appearances were well-received


For regular Love Island USA viewers, this casting isn’t too much of a surprise. Her previous appearances on the show were well-received by fans of both LI and VPR. Not to mention, the Love Island contestants themselves. Ariana has a natural charisma and screen presence that can’t be denied.

She’s also able to poke fun at her very public love life. In her first LI USA appearance, Ariana threw shade at Sandoval. While hosting a challenge on Love Island Games, she joked about not being able to spot red flags.

While some folks are against Ariana, she has a huge and loyal fanbase. The proof is in the pudding. Her run as Roxie in Chicago got record-breaking sales. She’s one of the most-followed Vanderpump Rules cast members on Instagram. Ariana may even draw in VPR viewers who don’t usually watch LI USA.

Ariana is friends with former Love Island USA contestants


Adding to her franchise expertise is that Ariana is friends with major Love Island USA stars. Right after filming the explosive VPR Season 10 reunion, she hung out with Season 4 winner Zeta Morrison. Considering Zeta’s own dramatic breakup with Timmy Padolfini, the ladies surely had lots to talk about. Legendary Love Island UK bombshell Maura Higgins is also an Ariana fan.

Ariana is also close to LI USA fan favorite Deb Chubb. As well as Season 2 and 4 star Mackenzie Dipman, who appeared on the Bravo series Summer House. If Ariana needs any notes on how to be the best host, there are numerous people she can reach out to.

Ariana can relate to contestants


The 38-year-old knows what it’s like to have your love life play out on camera. This isn’t a requirement for a Love Island host. But it does make her even more qualified. Contestants will often find out that their love interest is “cracking on” with another co-star. Sometimes, it’s even with their best friend in the Villa. Talk about a situation that Ariana knows all too well!

Take current Love Island UK host Maya Jama, who is beloved by contestants and viewers. She also knows what it’s like to have breakups play out in the public eye. Her empathy for contestants in that position comes across on screen.

The late Caroline Flack provided support to Love Island UK contestants. Former contestants said that, after appearing on the show, she would give them tips for how to turn reality tv notoriety into a lucrative career. Of course, Ariana also knows a thing or two about that.

How will hosting LI USA affect Ariana’s future on VPR?


Love Island typically films in the summer, at the same time as Vanderpump Rules. For those who are unfamiliar, Love Island films every day for 6-8 weeks. New episodes air daily, although there’s usually a recap special or “unseen bits” on Saturdays.

The host of Love Island doesn’t need to be there the whole time. How often they appear depends on the host. For instance, former Love Island UK host Laura Whitmore only appeared at the major dumpings, though she also hosted a UK-based aftershow every week. Regardless, Ariana will fly back and forth from Los Angeles to Fiji a lot this summer.

Many think Ariana should leave VPR after this season. Some feel this way because they think her refusal to film with Sandoval is ruining the show. Others are turned off by production’s attempt to make her this year’s villain. Her co-stars get a lot of backlash for their obvious jealousy of her success. After Scheana Shay cried about not getting DWTS, do viewers want to see a similar meltdown over Ariana’s new hosting gig?

Of course, some predict VPR will get canceled after this season. Though the ratings are still high, Season 11 presents a show on its last legs. The high of Scandoval couldn’t last forever! It’s also obvious that some cast members would rather move to The Valley full time. Regardless of Vanderpump Rules’ future, lining up a dream gig is a very smart move for Ariana’s career.