Below Deck Down Under Season 3: Locations, Cast Rumors, and Leaks

Captain Jason Chambers hopefully returning to Below Deck Down Under.
Photo Credit: Mark Rogers/Bravo via Getty Images

Some tea is finally starting to drop online for Below Deck Down Under Season 3. For so long, the news here has been nonexistent. Even Captain Jason Chambers has expressed that he knows diddly squat about certain aspects. Up until recently, the only mooring line that we’ve caught has hailed from BravoCon, where Bravo confirmed that a Season 3 is happening.

However, if you look at the past airing dates, this new season should already be here. Or at the very least, a trailer should be out. But here we sit, in radio silence, screaming “June June Hannah” into the voids. Therefore, I have taken to the streets web, trying to glean as much information as I possibly can on BDDU.

I’m not the only one doing this. In all of my searches, I have found many other Below Deck fans, all looking for signs of life in Season 3. I’ve since gathered up our collective findings, which include film crew sightings, possible new charter guests, and also, this season’s potential new cast members. With all of this unverified detective work in mind, here’s the tea on all things Below Deck Down Under Season 3.

The Below Deck Down Under filming location

Four months ago, a fan caught sight of a film crew in La Digue, Seychelles. On the Below Deck subreddit, they shared what they saw. “Walking along Anse Source D’Argent yesterday and came across the crew filming around a lunch table for an ‘unnamed boat show’ to air in the future. The cameramen had hats with Below Deck written on the back.”

Another viewer then chimed in, claiming they “got details about it for potential casting (but [they are] not going on the show).” Even still, this user confirmed that “It is for Down Under Season 3. They will be filming for another 2 weeks there.”

As an FYI, Seychelles is a small East African country, consisting of 115 islands. This makes it an excellent new spot for this highly-loved series. Although, after reading this, I do have to admit that I questioned the validity of this particular spotting. Because why would Season 3 choose to sail far away from their usual ports of call in Australia?

But then, I found a New York Times article that dropped around the same time as this Reddit thread. In this article, titled “Below Deck Sails Into a New Era,” Noah Samton, the Senior VP of unscripted current production at NBCUniversal, admitted that BDDU Season 3 was currently filming. He also teased that the fans should expect to see some new things out of this season.

So there you have it. These leaks are all pointing towards a relocation for Below Deck Down Under Season 3. The stunning island nation of Seychelles will likely be this series’ new home, for now.

Some of the possible Below Deck Down Under charter guests are posting up

During this confirmed time of filming, Nikita Sachdev, the founder of Luna Media Group, posted several images and videos of herself on a yacht, and in many, camera crews are present. Further supporting the filming location leak, one of her posts says #seychelle. As for her Instagram, it’s now being followed by Captain Jason, and also, all of the crew members that are listed at the end. The same can be said for many of Nikita’s tagged travel buddies.

Speaking of her tagged friends, one even posted a highlights reel, and in her images and videos, we can also glean that the Northern Sun is no more. #Blessed. This new yacht for BDDU appears to be Katina. She’s a massive beaut.

Jessica Weldon is another very likely charter guest that we’ll be seeing in Season 3. She’s a married hairstylist, and online, she’s posted images of herself and her husband onboard a yacht, using the location tag of “Seychelles Island, East Africa.” Both she and her spouse also have the same social media connections within this crew as Nikita.

Aesha Scott is likely out … for now

At this point, Captain Jason’s loud, lovable sidekick Aesha Scott is likely going to be sitting this one out. Recently, Aesha returned home to her original series, Below Deck Mediterranean. She’s also just purchased a house with her fiance Scott Dobson in New Zealand, so her schedule is filled to the brim at the moment. Sads.

Online, none of the spotted charter guests, including their tagged friends, follow Aesha. Nor do any of our likely new cast members.

Somebody call Bethenny Frankel. Because “This is a crisis.”

But, two returning cast members are likely on Below Deck Down Under

Even though Aesha is out, two of her BDDU Season 2 costars are likely still in. Both Harry van Vliet and Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph are now social media friends with our spotted charter guests. They are also friends with our rumored new crew members.

Both of these alums were bright lights on Season 2. So their potential return for Season 3 is aiding in my resting b*tch happy face.

The rumored crew

Rumored crewmember of Below Deck Down Under.
Photo Credit: Mark Rogers/Bravo

Chef Tzarina, Captain Jason, Harry, most of the listed charter guests just above, and also, all of these new names that will soon follow, are all now connected online. As for who these possible new yachties are, here’s a list. And remember, some of these names might not appear straight away. Plane tickets and replacements happen, bruh.

  • Tzoni Arvanitis — Bosun
  • Wihan du Toit — Deckie
  • Adair Werley — Deckie
  • Nicolas Cattelan — Deckie
  • Lara Para Rigby — Chief Stew
  • Brianna Duffield — Stewardess
  • Marina Marcondes — Stewardess

Sadly, I still cannot tell you when Below Deck Down Under Season 3 will air. Nor why the interior department always gets shafted in the numbers game. At this point, all that we can do now is wait, monitoring these leaks as they continue to drop.