Love Island USA’s Casa Amor Recoupling is the Best Reality TV of 2024

Love Island USA host Ariana Madix stuns in yellow.
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Love Island USA Season 6 is the gift that keeps on giving. The Ariana Madix-hosted show just delivered its best episode so far with the shocking Casa Amor recoupling. The aftermath episodes are also super juicy. Call it recency bias, but the Casa Amor recoupling might be the best and most thrilling reality TV episode of the year. Between Love Island USA and The Traitors Season 2, Peacock is crushing it!

Casa Amor recouplings are always the most dramatic episodes of Love Island. The only thing that comes close is Movie Night, which is coming to Love Island USA soon. But this season’s Casa Amor recoupling might be the best one across all Love Island franchises. Personally, I was screaming at my TV like I was watching the Super Bowl of reality shows!

Love Island USA should be studied

Cast of Love Island USA.
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Season 6’s Casa Amor recoupling episode was like an anthropological study of men realizing their actions have consequences. Once the guys were asked to explain their actions at Casa, they all stumbled. At one point, Ariana had to remind Miguel Harichi that he chose to recouple with Sierra Mills, not Leah Kateb. Viewers could feel Catherine Marshall’s anxiety and confusion as Kenny Rodriguez admitted his connection was stronger with JaNa Craig. And Kordell Beckham was roasted for trying to claim a clip of him in bed with Daia McGhee was taken out of context.

Meanwhile, the girls respected their existing relationships. The only Casa boy brought back was Caine Bacon. And Olivia Walker, who picked him, was already single. I genuinely wonder if the girls all have object permanence and the boys somehow don’t. Any academics studying human behavior in romantic relationships would have a field day with this episode!

Kaylor Martin, Love Island USA’s sweetheart

A couple from Love Island USA.
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Kaylor Martin spent most of Casa Amor crying over Aaron Evans. The whole time, she was afraid he wouldn’t stay loyal. Then producers sent her a clip of Aaron flirting with Casa Amor bombshell Daniela Noelle in Spanish. Thankfully, fan-favorite Casa boy Ignacio Ferrari translated.

In one of the episode’s many cinematic sequences, Kaylor went from obsessively rewatching the clip to reaffirming her worth and screaming “FUCK YOU AARON!” as loud as possible. It was all set to Sabrina Carpenter’s hit song “Please Please Please,” which might as well be the theme song of Casa Amor.

At the recoupling, Kaylor declared that she wanted to be single even if Aaron came back alone. That’s never happened on Love Island before. Then she beautifully called out Kendall Washington, who she thought was her friend, for egging Aaron on.

It’s unfortunate that Kaylor almost immediately forgave Aaron. Even still, her performance at the Casa Amor recoupling firepit will go down in Love Island history.

Aaron reminds us he won The Traitors

If Aaron backing away from Daniela seemed a little suspicious, there’s a reason. On Aftersun, Casa Amor’s Sydney Leigh Leighton revealed that Aaron heard Kaylor screaming. According to Sydney, it flipped a switch, and his behavior drastically changed. Whether it was genuine remorse or a game plan, we’ll have to see.

The Traitors UK winner entered the recoupling with a smile on his face, expecting a romantic reunion with Kaylor. You could see the wheels turning in his head when Kaylor revealed she saw an incriminating video. It was fascinating to see someone realize how much they misread a situation and plan their next move accordingly.

Serena cements her place in Love Island USA history

While Kaylor only saw a bit of Aaron and Daniela, producers sent Serena Page longer clips of Kordell and Daia so she got the full story. Following in Kaylor’s footsteps, she also asked to be single no matter what. When Kordell arrived, she gave him a middle finger…and licked it for good measure. She later said of Kordell, “You made your bed, now hump in it,” which is an incredible line.

Some thought Serena’s behavior was overdramatic or too immature. But isn’t that what we want from reality TV? It was refreshing to watch her stand up for herself and refuse the half-baked apologies guys on this show always give. She was absolutely right that Kordell disrespected her, especially since he knew how many times she’d been hurt before. By standing her ground, Serena rose to the ranks of all-time great Love Island USA contestants.

Is this the best Love Island USA girl power group ever?

The cast of Love Island USA walking.
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One of the reasons this is Love Island USA’s best season yet is the incredible cast. After the Casa Amor recoupling, fans started calling this group of girls the best in Love Island history. In many ways, it affirmed that their friendship is the real love story this season. Also, they all looked amazing, rivaling Ariana’s incredible outfits.

Ariana adds to the overwhelming sense of girl power. She made sure the girls got a chance to speak instead of being talked over. And she asked for the other girls to chime in to support their pals. It was refreshing to see that in an episode that put them through the wringer.

The Rob Rausch recoupling reveal

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After Kaylor watched the video a thousand times, after all the havoc it caused, and after Aaron’s actions with Daniela were discussed ad nauseum, there was a final twist. It came as a shock, to say the least when the girls realized Daniela coupled up with Aaron’s best friend Rob Rausch. Heartbreakingly, Kaylor was happy for Rob…before she realized who the girl was.

The villa girls missed a little context, but they weren’t wrong to point out how bizarre it was. Rob and Daniela seem to like each other, so maybe it’s genuine. But it was an undoubtedly Twilight Zone way to cap off the extremely shocking episode. Viewers were left wondering if it was masterminded by producers, Aaron, or both.

Ariana’s Love Island USA hosting elevates everything

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Ariana’s hosting made a super entertaining episode even more enjoyable. When Aaron tried to avoid talking about his actions because it was a long story, Ariana chimed in, “I’ve got all the time in the world”. On the flip side, she was genuinely happy for Kendall and Nicole Jacky, who had the only romantic reunion of the night.

Ariana continues to be the perfect Love Island USA host. Her love of the show is obvious every time she enters the villa or appears on Aftersun. If there’s one complaint we have about this season, it’s that we could use even more of her!