Joe Bradley on Below Deck Med.
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Below Deck Med’s Joe Bradley Rejects Accusations He Intended To Lead Castmates On

Oh, what a tangled web we weave! Below Deck Mediterranean star Joe Bradley has gotten himself in a bit of a bind with his costars Bri Muller and Elena Dubaich. The lead deckhand became a point of contention between the two stewardesses when they both had eyes for him. He flirted with one right after the other. But did Joe lead the ladies on? It might seem so to viewers, however, Joe doesn’t agree. 

Joe says Bri and Elena both knew his “intentions”


Does BelowDeckMed’s Joe Bradley think he led Elena Dubaich and Bri Muller on? #WWHL

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Joe’s flirting with Bri and Elena came to a head once their charter wrapped and the crew got to go out and party. Both Bri and Elena had been flirting with Joe and even asked one another if they were interested in him. No one spoke up, so Joe was free game. Or at least they thought so. 

At first, Joe danced with Elena at the club, while a jelly Bri watched on the sidelines. When Elena decided to go to bed, Bri jumped into the hot tub with Joe. Apparently, Joe’s feelings for Elena evaporated and he and Bri made out. This caused major friction between Elena and Bri the next day. 

Unfortunately for Joe, playing both sides of the fence didn’t work out when Bri became his unintended third roommate. Things got so bad between Bri and Elena, that Bri would rather sleep in the crew mess than in her room.

So Joe let Bri sleep on his floor for one night. As gentlemanly as letting her sleep on the floor was, ahem sarcasm, it backfired because Bri didn’t want to leave. Joe’s roomie Nathan Gallagher told Joe this mess was all his fault, but Joe didn’t want to believe it.

And Joe still maintained that point of view during his recent Watch What Happens Live appearance with Nathan. Andy Cohen asked Joe a viewer question related to Joe’s flirty ways with Elena and Bri. He asked, “Why you felt so comfortable bouncing your flirts between Ellie and Bri, but not committing to one? Do you feel like you lead Ellie on?”

Joe put on his best “I’m so confused” face and took a long pause. He responded, “I believe that leading on was not my intention.” Is the man running for office? He added, “I had a conversation with both of them. Jesus Christ, if I want a kiss I want a kiss and stuff like that.”

Nathan wasn’t even buying what Joe was selling and laughed the entire time. Joe continued, “They know my intentions. I was very forward in what I wanted to do. I don’t want anything to do in terms of relationships.” And by the way Joe acted he most likely won’t get a relationship with Bri or Elena anytime soon.

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