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Friday Morning Tea- April 12, 2019: The Stories You Need To See

We can’t cover every news story ourselves. Fortunately, there are a lot of great sources for reality TV news and gossip. Check out this links from some of our favorite sites in the April 12, 2019 edition of Friday Morning Tea.


Bethenny Frankel Says Kyle Richards & Lisa Rinna Had Nothing To Do With Planting Story About Lisa Vanderpump & Dorit Kemsley Dog Adoption Drama

This puppygate storyline on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has infiltrated many Bravo shows. Well, not the shows themselves, but the cast members have shared their opinions. Vanderpump Rules stars Stassi Schroeder and Lala Kent shared their opinions on who is at fault. Their costar Scheana Marie even said that she has empathy for Kyle Richards following that fight with Lisa Vanderpump at Villa Rosa. Kyle blamed Lisa for leaking the story about Dorit Kemsley’s failed dog adoption. In

Shahs of Sunset star Mercedes “MJ” Javid went public with her stance on the storyline. She is a very avid member of Team Vanderpump. Now, Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel is sharing her two cents, which is very interesting since she has been friends with Kyle and Lisa Rinna for decades.

Dorinda Medley

Even though Dorinda Medley is housing everyone for free and providing yoga, massage therapists, naked chefs, and Morgan mansion tours, the Real Housewives of New York ladies couldn’t help being demanding.

No one wanted to sleep in the fish room at Dorinda’s Berkshires house- literally because of the decor. It isn’t in an undesirable location of the house. It has central air conditioning and heating. Oh, and it’s a room in a mansion. Who really cares about what’s on the wall? Apparently everyone. Luann de Lesseps, Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, Tinsley Mortimer, and Barbara Kavovit didn’t want to sleep there. During last week’s episode, Luann stormed out of dinner just because she didn’t want to sleep in that room.

Bethenny Frankel even called ahead to make sure that she got to sleep in the “second best room” in the Berkshires mansion. During the next episode, Bethenny insisted that she would have no problem switching rooms with Luann if she texted her to ask about it. That’s easy to say about a hypothetical scenario. Does anyone believe that Queen B would really give up the (supposedly) superior room?

Melissa Gorga Says Teresa Giudice & Joe Gorga Are Very Close Right Now; Says Family Is Saddest They Have Ever Been Waiting On Joe Giudice Deportation News

The last Real Housewives of New Jersey season felt like we stepped back in time. After finally making amends, sisters-in-law Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice had tension all season long. They even went at it during the reunion, just like old times! Caught in the middle was Melissa’s husband and Teresa’s brother Joe Gorga. All he wants is for the two women in his life to get along.

Will that ever actually happen though? Drama with Teresa and Melissa almost always results in drama between Teresa and her brother, or vice versa depending on whose version of the story you buy. So what’s going on with the trio these days? How are they handling Joe Giudice’s impending deportation to Italy? Melissa recently opened up about the situation.

NeNe Leakes

Cynthia Bailey has been very vocal about her desire to get married to Mike Hill. She even made a hashtag combining her first name and his last name: #CHill. To put it nicely, she’s enthusiastic. Still, there are some people who aren’t buying the constant hype around the relationship.

One of those people is none other than the biggest hater of them all NeNe Leakes. She is one of many people who are tired of hearing Cynthia talk about her plans to get married to Mike ASAP. Even though they are NOT even engaged. I can’t help but wonder how Mike feels, (most likely) getting Google alerts about his own wedding to his non-fiancee. How awkward.


This puppygate storyline on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has viewers divided. Are you Team Lisa Vanderpump? Team Everyone Else? Or are you just ready to move on to the next storyline? I fall in that last category.

Nevertheless, puppygate is what we have to talk about right now. Even Shahs of Sunset star Mercedes “MJ” Javid can’t help voicing her opinion. Especially after Ken Todd yelled “Goodbye Kyle” when he was kicking Kyle Richards out of Villa Rosa. Lisa Vanderpump fans initially used this hashtag to poke fun at Kyle. Then, Kyle tried to give it a different meaning by using it herself on social media. So what does MJ think of the whole mess?

Kyle Richards thrown out of Villa Rosa

Before the last Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode even aired, fans were using the hashtag #GoodbyeKyle with countless insults aimed at Kyle Richards. Of course, fans devised that hashtag based on Ken Todd’s parting words when he and Lisa Vanderpump kicked Kyle out of Villa Rosa.

Then, Kyle decided to use the hashtag in her own Instagram Stories. Some people thought this was disrespectful to Ken and Lisa. Others thought it was hilarious and applauded Kyle for turning a negative into a positive. There are very few people in between those two extremes. Now, Kyle is speaking out about the #GoodbyeKyle response.

Thomas Ravenel Asks Kathryn Dennis For Medical Records, Relationship Status, & Southern Charm Salary A

Being Thomas Ravenel’s lawyer seems like a lifetime commitment. He has too many legal cases to keep track of these days. He is currently embroiled in a nasty custody battle with his ex Kathryn Dennis. Aside from that, he is facing sexual assault allegations.

His lawyer has to be very busy these days. Now Thomas and his lawyer are requesting some very personal information in an attempt to build a case against her in their ongoing custody dispute. Shouldn’t Thomas focus on staying out of jail before he tries to get custody of his two kids?