Shep Rose Says Girlfriend Taylor Ann Green Was “Miffed” Because He Wrote About His “Brief Affair” With Kathryn Dennis In His Book

Just like many reality TV stars, Shep Rose has a book coming out. And of course, he dished on his Southern Charm experiences.

Apparently, Shep’s girlfriend Taylor Ann Green wasn’t too pleased to read about his sexual relationship with his-costar Kathryn Dennis.

Shep admitted to Us Weekly that the Kathryn content was a “point of contention” for the couple. Shep added, “I hope I keep the mention of women pretty light — I’m not, like, trying to give details! But it would be wrong or misleading or untrue if I didn’t say that a lot of my fun times around the world and in the U.S. have been in the pursuit of the opposite sex and all these funny things happened to me.” Something tells me that Shep did not actually “keep the mention of women pretty light” in his book.

“I mean, I’ve got some great stories. So yes, Taylor was a little miffed, and I was like, ‘You can’t do that. This was so long ago. It doesn’t even matter.’ She’s like, ‘I know, it’s just hard,'” Shep shared.


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So, what did he write in the book that miffed his girlfriend? For starters, Shep said it “was very obvious” that Kathryn “wanted to be in front of that camera” during Season 1, when she was not an official cast member on the series.

“I remember reading my favorite passages of books to her out loud on my couch, and I remember her writing me a four-page note and leaving it on my coffee table one morning. The note was so nice and raw and real that it still makes me feel warm and fuzzy to this day,” Shep shared. Does that mean he kept the note?


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Shep wrote, “Without revealing too much, I had a wonderful time with Kathryn during our brief affair.” And then he did just that: revealed too much.

Shep claimed, “I also remember tearing each other’s clothes off … Oh wait, I said I won’t reveal too much. She was lovely and I do believe I had a calming influence on her and maybe still do.”

I mean, that’s probably at the very least a bit awkward for anyone’s girlfriend to read.


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[Photo Credit: Brianna Stello/Bravo]