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90 Day Fiance Star David Murphey Says He Didn’t Get Catfished & Lana Is A Real Person

Of all the trainwreck couples, it is most difficult to believe David Murphey’s delusion on this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 DaysAs he went on and on defending his relationship with the non-existent Lana (last name unknown), one fact continued to confuse me. How could he be in a relationship for 7 years, yet have only been able to communicate with the person on a paid website? Surely he must have questioned Lana about why they could move to a less expensive media after the first few years. I actually went back and watched the first episode he appeared in to try to get some clarity on how this came to be.

The only explanation David gave on the show is that Lana would get angry if he asked her to communicate on a different media platform. He said she is shy and it is too “overwhelming” for her. All the other obvious B.S. aside, how on earth can you believe you are in a relationship with someone who makes you pay each time to talk or look to them? There’s a name for a woman in that type of relationship and it ain’t a girlfriend. David, however, is not backing down and took to the online comments to defend his non-existent girlfriend.

Vanderpump Rules Katie Maloney

James Kennedy has been on another apology tour this season on Vanderpump Rules. This is his storyline pretty much every season, but this time there’s a major difference. James’ last main supporter, his girlfriend Raquel Leviss, has finally had enough. She put her foot down and gave him an ultimatum. Either he stops drinking completely and goes to AA meetings, or she is out.

It seems like Raquel threatening to leave finally got through to James. His whole demeanor seems different, and his energy is much calmer. He has been going to meetings, staying sober, and appears to be working a recovery program.  Part of working the program is making amends to those whom you have wronged, and James had big amends to make with Katie Maloney. On last week’s episode, he finally bit the bullet and offered Katie a surprisingly humble and convincing apology at the SUR-Tom Tom softball game. Even more surprising was Katie’s acceptance of his apology and agreement to dead their issues once and for all. So what made this apology different from all of the others that James has offered up in the past?

Jay Cutler Kristin Cavallari Very Cavallari

Growing up in Southern California in the age of Laguna Beach and The Hills, I was so happy to see Kristin Cavallari finally find her match with Jay Cutler. It was a beacon of hope to see such a strong female in a successful marriage. Despite their differences, they found a way to make it work and they seemed genuinely supportive of each other. They were the couple I would point to as an example of a happy marriage.

So I am taking it hard to hear that they are divorcing after ten years together and three children.  I loved getting to know Jay and seeing their relationship on Very Cavallari. He has a dry sense of humor and an amazing ability to embrace the joy of doing nothing. He seems to enjoy staying home with the kids and does not mind taking a back seat to his successful wife. Jay appeared to be a perfect balance to Kristin’s drive and dedication to her business. It was proof to me that there are supportive men out there, and that a strong woman like Kristin can still find her happily ever after. Now, it turns out they are not a happy, successful couple after all. And although the divorce started amicably enough, there are new details emerging every day that suggests the relationship is much uglier than it appeared.

Southern Charm Shep Rose

Another reality TV  bachelor may be off the market ladies! Shep Rose is known for being a confirmed Peter Pan-type frat boy who refuses to settle down. His single ways and aversion to commitment have long been chronicled on both Southern Charm and his own dating show, Relationshep.

Shep left his dating show without finding love and returned to Charleston as a single man. But now a new social media post suggests there may be a new serious lady in his life.

Scheana Marie Lisa Vanderpump Vanderpump Rules

I admit I have not always been a fan of Scheana Marie. She has often come across as self-centered and attention-seeking. If I had to describe her in one word, it would be insufferable. But something has changed this season, and the things that used to annoy me about Scheana, are now endearing her to me. I think she is really struggling this season on Vanderpump Rules. Anyone who has been a single woman in her thirties knows that the struggle is real. It is hard watching everyone else find their happy ever after while you remain alone. I feel for Scheana, and I think she is doing her best to be honest, but it can be hard when the truth hurts.

Through it all, Lisa Vanderpump has always been in her corner.  Lisa has supported her through her marriage, divorce, and subsequent failed relationships. Even when Scheana was most annoying, Lisa was there for her. It seems to me like Scheana is especially vulnerable right now. She needs Lisa to be positive for her more than ever. That’s why it is a little surprising to see Lisa speak so harshly to her this season. 

Lala Kent Says Ariana Madix & Tom Sandoval Only Want To Be Her Friend If She’s “Really Struggling”

Lala has come a long way since her early days on Vanderpump Rules, when no one would talk to her except DJ James Kennedy. She managed to win over most of the cast, befriend all of the girls, and was even a bridesmaid in Brittany Cartwright’s wedding. Along the way she got engaged to her movie producer boyfriend, Randall Emmett, and is about to be married to the love of her life. Everything should be great in Lalaland.

But this year, the Utah gangster has definitely gotten more comfortable on the show. One might say too comfortable. She seems angry and annoyed most of the time. She has turned her back on James. Lala has attacked poor, sweet Raquel Leviss multiple times. And she spent her free time in the off season engaging in social media battles with 50 cent. Now she has issues with Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix. Could it be that Lala has now become the mean girl she once claimed to stand against?

Dolores Catania Organized Supply Donation For New Jersey Hospital During Coronavirus Outbreak

Of all the Housewives in all the cities, Dolores Catania has always been the one I would most want for my best friend. She comes across as strong and loyal. She is always there to support the rest of the cast. All these years, she has had all the tea on Teresa Guidice and has never spilled one drop.  She is best friends with her ex-husband and is easily one of the most independent Housewives.

Dolores is known on Real Housewives of New Jersey for being someone who can be counted on when times get tough. Now she is proving herself to be not just a pillar of strength to her friends and family, but to the community as well.

Kyle Richards Slams Denise Richards For Walking Away From Filming Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back and we will finally get to see how all the Denise Richards drama unfolds! The rumors have been flying fast and furious during the off season and everyone knows by now that has Denise has apparently taken a page from Lisa Vanderpump’s book and ditched the ladies completely. We have all heard about Denise’s alleged affair with Brandi Glanville, followed by her refusal to film. We have seen the previews of her telling husband Aaron Phypers not to say anything on camera and walking out on the other ladies.

Now the other cast members are speaking out about it. Kyle Richards, the last of the OG’s, and seemingly one of Denise’s biggest fans last season, is not holding back on her distaste for the situation.