Dolores Catania Organized Supply Donation For New Jersey Hospital During Coronavirus Outbreak

Of all the Housewives in all the cities, Dolores Catania has always been the one I would most want for my best friend. She comes across as strong and loyal. She is always there to support the rest of the cast. All these years, she has had all the tea on Teresa Guidice and has never spilled one drop.  She is best friends with her ex-husband and is easily one of the most independent Housewives.

Dolores is known on Real Housewives of New Jersey for being someone who can be counted on when times get tough. Now she is proving herself to be not just a pillar of strength to her friends and family, but to the community as well.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the New York/New Jersey area especially hard. Dolores is helping healthcare workers at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center in her hometown of Paterson, New Jersey. Page Six reported how Dolores is teaming up with local organizations to donate food, medical supplies, and shoes to workers on the front lines. She is also utilizing her vast network of friends to solicit donations to help those most in need.

“When somebody DMs me or asks me about a donation, it’s like Christmas for me,” Dolores  told the outlet. “I’m always so happy to point them in the right direction.”


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Dolores has personal ties to both Paterson and St. Joseph’s University Medical Center. She and co-star Teresa are originally from Paterson and grew up there. Her boyfriend, Dr. David Principe, works at the hospital. Her ex-husband (and perpetual sidekick), Frank Catania, also has had surgery at the hospital earlier this year.

Amid the outbreak, Dolores has worked with many companies to provide supplies to the hospital and local nonprofit organizations. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has partnered with Spartan Meal Preps to donate 100 meals. She is teaming with RX water to donate 240 bottles of water. Dolores is also working with Dolce Aesthetics to donate 100 face masks and gloves. She has been coordinating with Muvez footwear to donate 100 pairs of shoes that come with a practical feature.


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Proving again how selfless she is, Dolores seems unconcerned with the personal risks to her own safety. She was at the hospital again on Wednesday helping to distribute the supplies. “The hospital is very, very careful,” Dolores says, adding that she always follows the recommended guidelines of wearing a face mask.

When asked whether she was concerned about putting her own health at risk by leaving the house, she said, “It makes me nervous, but it doesn’t stop me. It can’t stop me.” Dolores is well aware of the risks. In another conversation with Page Sixshe admits that although she does not live with David, she worries about how he is doing during the crisis.


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“Some of his patients are corona positive,” Dolores said. “I’m sure he’s careful coming home, so it’s just scary,” she adds, sharing that she frequently drops off food for her boyfriend at his door.

The ladies of Real Housewives of New Jersey often mention the charity work Dolores is involved in. We see it on the show from time to time on the show. But to see her respond in such a positive way to this real life crises is inspiring. It is obvious she has a passion for this kind of work. I am beyond impressed with her courage and strength. It cannot be easy having a loved one on the front lines. She still does everything she can to help others who are also in the same situation as David. If Dolores can’t be my best friend, I wish she was my neighbor or at least lived in my community. She i such a great example of giving back to those who need it most.


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Dolores, for one, remains humble. The reality TV star, “I couldn’t be more thankful for my platform, which I always say is worth its weight in gold. Anybody who helps the people that I help has a friend in me.”

Dolores’ tagline from last season, “Behind every strong man is a stronger Jersey girl” really describes her heart and strength in this situation. Clearly Dolores is once again earning her tagline again, and continues to prove that she really is “Jersey Strong”.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/ Bravo]