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Dolores Catania Real Housewives Of New Jersey
Dolores Catania is not the only Housewife who has called Ramona Singer out for being rude. Ramona faced off against Vicki Gunvalson and Gizelle Bryant during a BravoCon segment about Real Housewives feuds. Even Shahs of Sunset star Mercedes Javid has issues with Ramona.
Last year, Ramona snubbed Dolores‘ ex Frank Catania when he wanted to take a photo and that was the final straw for Dolores.

Melissa Gorga Says Teresa Giudice Wants To Date “A Nice Jewish Boy”

Even though Teresa Giudice hasn’t publicly acknowledged the end of her relationship with Joe Giudice, Real Housewives of New Jersey fans are so curious about her love life. It seemed like she was dating Tony Delorenzo, aka the pool boy, after they spent Christmas Eve together. They were also photographed together a few times since then.

Nevertheless, on last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Melissa Gorga insisted that Tony and Teresa are truly just friends. In fact, he’s been a close friend of Joe Gorga’s since elementary school. Melissa also said that Tony is at her house all the time. She even said she wished he and Teresa would date, but she promised that they weren’t actually dating. However, Melissa did open up about Teresa’s future dating life.

Jennifer Aydin Real Housewives Of New Jersey
The aftermath of Jennifer Aydin’s meltdown on The Real Housewives of New Jersey did not disappoint. You just can’t be throwing dinnerware in a restaurant. Absolutely not appropriate. Not only was that bad, but some tension is starting to brew again with Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga. PLEASE DO NOT LET THEM GO DOWN THIS TROUBLED PATH AGAIN. OUR HEARTS CANNOT TAKE IT.

However, another big topic heading into this episode is what’s going on with Joe Giudice. Where will he end up? More important than that though might be “will Teresa and Joe remain together?” All signs point to no, but we will see what this episode brings. Something might change, but I doubt it. They seem done for good. There comes a time where you can’t take the verbal abuse and uncertainty anymore.

Teresa Giudice Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Back in the early days of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice was so (blindly?) loyal to Joe Giudice. A lot of it just didn’t make sense to viewers. Who could ever forget Joe referring to her as “my cunt wife” during that phone call from the cast trip in Napa? Then, of course, there’s the jail time that they both served, the infidelity accusations (on both ends), and all of their other issues.

Eventually, Teresa (finally) started to show the cracks in their marriage and now they’re living completely separate lives. Even so, Teresa wasn’t always so enthusiastic about their relationship. In fact, she almost didn’t even go through with the marriage.

Joe Giudice

Even though they didn’t officially confirm it, Joe Giudice and Teresa Giudice have apparently gone their separate ways. They are probably waiting until those Real Housewives of New Jersey Italy episodes and the Season 10 reunion airs to speak out on a split.

In the meantime, Teresa spent Christmas Eve with the “pool boy” Tony Delorenzo, who she used to date back in high school. Both Teresa and Joe accused each other of cheating during that extremely awkward interview with Andy Cohen. I mean, who can forget the many hand-holding photos of Teresa and that twenty-something-year-old? You know, the guy she’s “just friends with” who “helped her to the car.” Well, now, Joe has come under fire after photos and videos emerged from a boys trip in Mexico, which included some female company as well.

Danielle Staub Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion RHONJ

Even though Danielle Staub is on the outs with every single Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member, she did provide an ample amount of drama as a Friend of the Housewives.

She pulled on Margaret Josephsponytail and emptied the contents of her purse inside a lit candle at a clothing store. She was offended when Jennifer Aydin mentioned her given name, Beverly. And, at some point, she and Teresa Giudice’s friendship ends, although we still don’t know why. It has to be a pretty big deal since Danielle basically lived up Teresa’s *ss for the past three seasons. What could have happened!? And will Danielle and Teresa hash it out during the Season 10 reunion?

Jackie Goldschneider Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Jennifer Aydin cannot stop talking about how the party Jackie Goldschneider threw for her kids wasn’t big enough. Ironically enough, Jennifer is giving this party more attention than any event she’s ever thrown herself.

During the last episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jennifer called Jackie “cheap” for that birthday party. She threw Margaret Josephs under the bus for talking about Jackie’s eating habits, just to get the heat away from herself. And then, Melissa Gorga called everyone and their kids “losers” (something that really seemed to be glossed over by her fans the fans) and this led to Jennifer throwing some silverware. Teresa Giudice 2.0, I see you, girl. However, Jackie was not amused at all.

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 10 Seating Chart RHONJ

This season of Real Housewives of New Jersey is coming to a close and I still don’t know why Teresa Giudice is not friends with Danielle Staub anymore. It is killing me waiting to find out, but hopefully, we get to that point soon. And I know most people are tired of seeing Danielle on screen, but I can’t help wondering if she filmed the RHONJ Season 10 reunion.

She wasn’t included in the official seating chart, obviously, since she’s not an actual cast member. But, does she make an appearance? Did her recently announced “retirement” include the reunion taping? Or was she just not invited? I cannot help wondering, just like I can’t help wondering why Melissa Gorga and Dolores Catania got the second seat on their couches even though they both lacked storylines again. Jennifer Aydin and Jackie Goldschneider deserve better than this.