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John Pringle Southern Charm

On the latest episode of Southern Charm, Austen Kroll came to the realization that Madison LeCroy was having problems letting go of their relationship.  On the one hand, she didn’t want to date him, but on the other hand she made it clear she wouldn’t want him to see other people.

It’s so toxic that other cast members are getting involved.  Craig Conover blatantly asked Madison to cut herself out of Austen’s life.  Rather than take the advice, Madison chose to display her frustrations with Austen in a very public way.  The reverb from their interaction at the beach party is still being felt within the cast, and newbie John Pringle warns viewers that it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

John Pringle Southern Charm

Patricia Altschul did all she could to make John Pringle and Madison LeCroy an item.  The Southern Charm matriarch made it clear that she thought Austen Kroll was beneath dating her favorite hair stylist.  In an attempt to set Madison up with a man more befitting her, Patricia plied Pringle with martinis and the idea of pursuing Madison.

It worked at first.  Pringle and Madison hung out while their kids played baseball together, and by gosh there was some flirting going on.  Pringle made his intentions known to both Madison, and laughably, Austen too.  But after seeing Madison’s interaction with Austen during what was supposed to be his birthday party, Pringle’s opinion of Madison seemed to have changed.  And this odd love triangle turned more into a bro-mance than a new Southern Charm power couple.

John Pringle Southern Charm

After so many dull episodes, Southern Charm has picked it up as the season comes to a close. It’s been an interesting one. The internet is swarming with haters for this show. While the series has always been a known problem, this season is particularly eye-opening. For the cast as well. Temperatures are starting to boil over now that some accountability has come into play.

Then there’s the weird love triangle between Madison LeCroyAusten Kroll, and John Pringle. Talk about hot mess express.

Danni Baird Southern Charm

After the beach party from hell, it’ll be curious to see where the cast of Southern Charm goes from here. To say there’s tension in the group is the understatement of a lifetime. All eyes are on Kathryn Dennis because half of the cast has a bone to pick with her. Not the guys though which is evidently a whole other problem if you ask Leva Bonaparte. Besides Leva & Danni Baird washing their hands of her, Madison LeCroy has an issue too!

Speaking of Madison, the cycle between her and Austen Kroll is too much. They’re horrible for each other, and do nothing but continue to bring out the worst. Everyone wants it to be over. Their personal problems spill over into the group way too often. On last week’s episode of Southern Charm, a fight between Leva & Kathryn became about Austen & Madison. That’s a problem. Can they actually stay away from each other this week?

Austen Kroll Southern Charm

After a holiday hiatus, Southern Charm is finally back, and the drama is bigger than ever. The aftermath of Madison LeCroy & Austen Kroll’s breakup is proving to be just as draining as them in a relationship . These two are the WORST for one another. There’s something that happens when they interact that turns the entire world around them into a twisted toxicity.

The other large source of contention in the cast is the controversy surrounding Kathryn Dennis. While she’s always somewhat of a hotbed for drama, this time it’s a bit more serious. Finding yourself embroiled in a racism scandal tends to have that effect. Leva Bonaparte has been leading the charge of holding her accountable, and at this point Kathryn’s also lost Danni Baird as a friend. Is there any hope for Kathryn in this group after this?

Austen Kroll Madison LeCroy Southern Charm

Austen Kroll has not had much luck in the romance department. Perhaps it’s because he still clings to the teet of a craft IPA instead of embracing adulthood. On this season of Southern Charm, Austen reignited the flames of desperation love with Madison LeCroy. But it was probably less about their shared interests and more about the production crew following them around. Hey, if Madison wanted to take back a guy who was literally busted on television having an equally busted threesome, have at it honey.

Even after Madison and Austen got back together for the 95th time, it was a rocky road. Austen appeared unable to accept basic concepts like Madison having relationships with men prior to him. While Southern Charm explores sensitive topics like white privilege and dealing with a pandemic, Austen continued to try and make his beer and his bond with Madison stick. Unfortunately, neither of those things happened. Now Austen reflects on his tumultuous time with Mads and how it compares to his other ex, Chelsea Meissner.

Austen Kroll Southern Charm

Breaking: Southern Charm continues the “boys among men” vibe. Recently Craig Conover has had to defend his pillows against the elderly likes of Patricia Altshul. I’m actually giggling. If Naomie Olindo could see him now!! Then there’s Shep Rose who’s writing a book inspired by his first serious relationship ever. At age 40. Lol, okay.

That brings us to John Pringle and Austen Kroll. Two grown men who are still discovering concepts like bed-times and bro-codes. All while fighting over Madison LeCroy’s heart. Did I forget to mention Austen has previously hooked up with Craig’s girlfriend before they got together? How’s that territorial thing working out, dude?

Craig Conover Southern Charm

What’s the natural progression these days when a reality star has established themselves as a household name?  Create a product to capitalize on your name and recognition of course.  It started with the Kardashians, but now Bravolebrities have taken the helm on this trade.

No idea is too mundane, though you may not be taken seriously until your product takes off.  Take Craig Conover.  The Southern Charm star was mocked when he bought a sewing machine and started creating pillows.  It’s a different story now that Sewing Down South proved successful.  It may have inspired Patricia Altschul to create her own line.  And while competition may be friendly, it’s still competition.