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Last season, Southern Charm fans met Madison LeCroy, Austen Kroll’s on-again-off-again girlfriend who had blowout fights with him, following that failed threesome video.

We also saw her relationship with Southern Charm matriarch, Patricia Altschul. Madison is her hair stylist. Madison’s constant drama with Austen and her feud with Shep Rose helped her go from Austen’s sometimes-girlfriend to an actual Southern Charm cast member. Now, some fans are wondering if that’s a coincidence. Did Madison use Austen to become a reality TV star?

Craig Talks About Leva Bonaparte Joining Southern Charm; Says Former Cast Members Weren’t As Transparent

Ba-ba-doo. Southern Charm is back and looking very different this year. Since ending last season, none of us are the same. There’s been COVID-19 outbreaks, the BLM movement, and an entire election. If you’ve been somehow stayed off of social media and the reality news through all this, let me catch you up. So far, Kathryn Dennis cried that she was called racist for using an obviously racist monkey emoji towards a black woman. Fucking YIKES. Also, her ex-, Thomas Ravenel, was literally FORCED (not compelled) to apologize for sexually assaulting their nanny.

This show is trash and packed with scum. Literally episodes had to be taken down due to the amount of racist and cringe they depicted. This season, however, we welcome Iranian mother, Leva Bonaparte who has seemingly buddied up Craig Conover in the first few episodes. By the way, am I the only one finding this season completely scripted and weird?

John Pringle Southern Charm

Alright. I’m just going to come out strong. Southern Charm’s newest dude, John Pringle, is fucking weird. He’s a quiet lurch-type that is supposedly “flirty” with all the girls, but like, is he? He’s literally just, there. All the men call him a ladies man…I don’t see it. Either way, there have been more than a few hints that John and Austen Kroll’s  girlfriend, Madison LeCroy, have a budding relationship.

I know that sounds really dramatic, but it’s not. When you see that all it took for John to steal Madison’s attention was showing up to a beer fest in a jean jacket, its like…pretty sad. She’s swooning over him telling him her boyfriend would look girly in a jacket like that. *crying face emoji* WHUT!? This guy couldn’t be less interesting. The big drama Patricia Altshul has schemed up this year is masterminding a love story between Madison and John because they both have kids. I’m seriously already so bored. I’m also petrified to ask these trash people to do more.

Madison LeCroy Southern Charm

Southern Charm is back, and it might be one of the best season’s yet. New cast members Leva Bonaparte and John Pringle are already bringing a fresher vibe that the show really needed. They’re on the path to make up for the slew of cast members we lost prior to the season. One thing that hasn’t changed however is how shady Shep Rose can be. It’s definitely looking like he purposely set up Madison LeCroy at his party.

Another source of tension in the group right now is Kathryn Dennis starting a rumor about Cameran Eubanks and her husband Jason Whimberly. Whether the cheating allegations are true or not remain to be seen, but she definitely did this with malicious intent. It’s wild that this was enough to send Cameran packing from the show. That kind of exit makes you wonder if the rumors were in fact true. We’re in for a crazy season.

Shep Rose Southern Charm

After what seems like the longest hiatus ever, Southern Charm is FINALLY back. Kathryn Dennis, Craig Conover, Shep Rose, Madison LeCroy, and Austen Kroll are all returning. However, Cameran Eubanks, Naomie Olindo, and Chelsea Meissner will NOT be featured this season. It’s sad to see them go, but it’s an exciting new direction for the series. Leva Bonaparte & John Pringle are joining as series regulars!

It’s going to be so interesting to see the extent that the pandemic impacts the season. From the looks of things, it affects everyone on the cast in some capacity. This is going to be good! The way all of these shows have been forced to change things because of the virus has been fascinating. Seeing why Cameran exited the show right as it began filming the new season. Something nasty went down, and we need to get to the bottom of it!

Craig Conover Doesn’t Think Naomi Olindo And Chelsea Meissner’s Exits “Hurt” Southern Charm; Says Chelsea “Didn’t Bring Anything To The Show”

Southern Charm Season 7 presents a major cast shakeup. OG cast member Cameran Eubanks is gone. Naomie Olindo and Chelsea Meissner exited as well. Now, Madison LeCroy is an actual cast member along with two other newbies, John Pringle and Leva Bonaparte.

Austen Kroll, Kathryn Dennis, Shep Rose, and Craig Conover are still on the show to bring the drama… and dish on the former cast members in interviews.

Southern Charm Star Craig Conover Says Austen Kroll’s Relationship With Madison LeCroy “Isn’t Good For Anyone”; Claims Their Status Changes Weekly

After a long delay, Southern Charm is finally gearing up for a new season. Thanks to the Rona and some cast members jumping ship, production was postponed and some even questioned if the show would return at all. We’ll see some new faces in the group, but other things apparently never change. So far, it seems Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll’s “relationship” will be heavily featured.

Hopefully viewers will be spared from watching Austen take part in any unsafe sexual engagements. That wouldn’t be proper social distancing during these trying times! While the crew tackles white privilege, surviving a pandemic in cargo shorts, and Kathryn Dennis, Craig Conover says relationship issues are still a thing. Now Craig details what’s in store for viewers, as the saga of Madison and Austen continues.

Craig Cameran

Cameran Eubanksdeparture from Southern Charm felt so sudden. I couldn’t ever imagine her wanting to quit the show. She really had the best gig going. She got to narrate every episode and give her two cents on everyone else’s drama without actually sharing much from her own personal life. Who would ever give that up?

Well, right after Cameran announced her exit, rumors started to swirl that her husband Jason Wimberly was cheating on her. Then, almost immediately, the word on the street was that Kathryn Dennis was the one who spread those rumors for the sake of a storyline. However, the alleged mistress spoke out and said she didn’t even know Cameran or Jason and denied all the rumors. After all of that unfolded, I don’t blame Cameran for stepping away from the fray. Even so, her former co-star Craig Conover is “heartbroken” that Cam left.