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Are Tom Sandoval & Ariana Madix Invited To Stassi Schroeder & Beau Clark’s Wedding?

Currently, Vanderpump Rules have been suffering because this entire season has revolved around Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s wedding festivities. We get it: a wedding is a special life milestone. However, pretty much every episode this season has been about the wedding and we still haven’t seen any footage of the actual wedding. Hopefully, we will all be put out of our misery this week. But, something tells me, it will somehow continue into next week’s new episode. Ugh.

Lala Kent’s wedding is coming up in April. Well, hopefully, it is. With the Coronavirus outbreak, many big events have been postponed or canceled. For instance, the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion has been postponed due to Coronavirus. However, Lala thinks she would never get the virus unless God wants to give her “a little publicity for the wedding.” Yes, she actually said that. And, she’s not the only one with Corona-related wedding worries on Vanderpump Rules. Recently, Tom Schwartz expressed concerns about the impact of Coronavirus on Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark’s upcoming wedding in Rome, Italy. It should be noted that their wedding isn’t scheduled until Fall 2020.

Hopefully, all of this Coronavirus madness is resolved way before that. (But, again, we want to emphasize that we understand there are more important things to worry about than weddings and reality TV during this tough time. We are just reporting the news and trying to satiate the craving for reality TV content that our readers may have).

Lala Kent

As if the threat of Coronavirus hasn’t been bad enough, we’ve also had to suffer through hearing ill-informed opinions from reality TV stars. Last week, Joe Giudice proclaimed that Coronavirus isn’t as threatening as Viagra-induced heart attacks. Oh, Joe. At least there are some reality TV stars that are taking this situation seriously, Real Housewives of Atlanta posptoned production on the Season 12 reunion.

Over the weekend, Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent ranted about Coronavirus. Lauryn from Utah, better known as Lala, doesn’t think she would ever get Coronavirus. Well, unless God wants to give her “a little publicity.” Yes, she actually did say that.

Lala freaks out on Scheana

This season of Vanderpump Rules has subjected us to way too much Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright wedding content. But, off-screen, there’s some serious drama popping off.  On recent episodes, Ariana Madix has been very open about her depression, admitting she wanted to drive away from her life.

She shared some of her feelings with Stassi Schroeder and Lala Kent, who inisted she was a “safe place” to open up. However, that same episode also included a montage of Lala dissing Ariana and referring to her as a “wet blanket.” After that episode aired, Ariana’s man Tom Sandoval came at Lala for proclaiming to be a “safe space,” yet making “nasty comments” about Ariana. Then, Lala clapped back with an Instagram live rant, maintaining that she’s a “damn good friend.” Lala also proclaimed that Ariana feels unsafe in her own skin and is probably projecting.

Katie Maloney Vanderpump Rules

Apparently, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright aren’t the first couple to get married on Vanderpump Rules, even though we still haven’t seen their wedding yet. It has been dragggggging out all season long and we are all ready for it to finally be over.

During last night’s episode, Tom Schwartz claimed that he lost the marriage license when he “married” married Katie Maloney back in 2016. So, if that’s the case the marriage wasn’t actually legal. After last night’s episode aired, Katie went on Twitter to clarify the situation.

Dayna Kathan Vanderpump Rules

Suddenly I am interested in the new people on Vanderpump Rules. It’s because of the way the girls react to men treating them like dirt. Initially I was like Dayna Kathan will not last long on this show if she’s dumping Max Boyens at the first whiff of a cheating scandal, because the very basis of this show is the girls (and Tom Sandoval) learning that for months their sigfig has been lying to them and cheating.

I mean, every season without fail there has been a cheating mess involving one of the guys doing the dirty and one of the girls forgiving him after lots of tearful remonstrations and emotional drunk-fests.

Like here we are on the forever precipice (the fall into the abyss of weddings where there literally is no bottom) of Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright getting married, and Jax is defining Brittany as the perfect girl for him for one reason and one reason only: she’s the only one who stayed. Every other girl eventually wised up and dumped his cheating, trifling, philandering, narcissistic, manipulating, lying impregnating, betraying, ass. Everyone but Brittany, who wants the wedding in a phony castle and the princess fantasy of turning the beast into a man far more than she wants the man. Um, Brit there’s a reason the Disney movies end with the wedding.

Jax Taylor Brittany Cartwright Vanderpump Rules

I don’t know why they added a million people to the Vanderpump Rules cast when the original cast members have enough drama on their own. The Witches of WeHo are falling apart and then there’s Jax Taylor, who has been trash talking Tom Sandoval (and Tom’s girlfriend Ariana Madix).

If you think there’s drama between Jax an Sandoval on the show, it’s really nothing in comparison to the antics on Twitter.

James Kennedy Says He’s Friends With Katie Maloney; Wants To Have A Conversation With Stassi Schroeder

Who would have thought that we’d see the day when Katie Maloney is on better terms with James Kennedy than she is with Kristen Doute. Well, here we are. It’s not quite clear how we got to this point, but it’s happening.

After James body shamed Katie (multiple times) and she got him fired from SUR, these two are actually friends. Wow. Hopefully, we see this on Vanderpump Rules after the never-ending wedddddin’ finally passes.

Scheana Marie

Nowadays, there are 13,000 cast members on Vanderpump Rules, but the OG drama will always hold a special place in my heart. Remember the simple days when Stassi Schroeder had it out for Scheana Marie for putting sunscreen on Jax Taylor? Truly iconic.

Now, Vanderpump Rules and reality TV at large has evolved into such a major platform. Are you even a reality TV star if you aren’t hawking subscription boxes and teeth whitener on Instgram? Are you even an influencer if you don’t have a podcast? Not these days. Both Stassi and Scheana have podcasts. Stassi did it first, but at this point, pretty much everyone on reality TV has one.