Brock Davies

Also Known As: Brock Davies • Born: 6/15/1990

Brock Davies, a charismatic and versatile personality, has made a lasting impact in the entertainment industry. He is best known for his roles on “Vanderpump Rules” and his active presence on social media, which transitioned from professional sports to entrepreneurship and entertainment. Born on June 15, 1990, in New Zealand, he initially pursued rugby and dreamt of NFL stardom. However, his journey led him to excel in fitness, earning acclaim as a personal trainer, including F45 Training’s “Most Inspirational Trainer Award.” In 2020, he co-founded Homebody Live Fitness, revolutionizing the industry through live streaming platforms. His personal life, notably his relationship with Scheana Marie and their daughter, Summer Moon Honey Davies, is documented on the show.

Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images

Fitness Empire

Besides his reality TV stint, Brock Davies is a fitness mogul, having established his fitness brand. His commitment to a healthy lifestyle shines through his entrepreneurial success.

Philanthropic Pursuits

Beyond the camera, Brock is involved in philanthropy, advocating for physical and mental well-being. His efforts reflect a commitment to making a positive impact beyond the entertainment world.

Family Man

Brock is not just a TV personality; he’s a devoted family man. Married to Scheana and a proud father of three, his life revolves around love and growth.

Height: 6’3″ (190 cm)

Nationality: Australian

Show(s): Vanderpump Rules

Network(s): Bravo

Guest Appearances: N/A

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Children: Eli Davies, Winter Davies, Summer Davies

Father: N/A

Mother: N/A

Siblings: N/A

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