Kamal Grant

Also Known As: Kamal Grant • Born: N/A

Kamal Grant, a culinary virtuoso hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, rose to prominence as a contestant on Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Season 2. Born and raised in the heart of the South, Kamal developed a profound appreciation for food and its ability to bring people together from a young age. His journey into the culinary world began with a passion for baking, fueled by memories of his grandmother’s kitchen and the aromas of freshly baked goods that filled the air. With a relentless drive to pursue his culinary dreams, Kamal embarked on a quest to perfect the art of doughnut-making, eventually founding Sublime Doughnuts in 2008. His innovative flavors and creative designs quickly caught the attention of doughnut enthusiasts and critics alike, earning him widespread acclaim and a dedicated following.

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Kamal Grant had the opportunity to learn and grow under the mentorship of renowned chef Gordon Ramsay during his appearance on Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Season 2.

Doughnut Innovator

Kamal’s expertise in doughnut-making goes beyond the ordinary, with his creations featuring innovative flavors and stunning designs that continue to captivate audiences nationwide.

Southern Roots

Kamal’s culinary journey is deeply rooted in his Southern heritage, drawing inspiration from the rich flavors and traditions of his upbringing in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Nationality: American

Show(s): Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars

Network(s): FOX

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