Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Season 2, Episode 3 Recap: Whose Bar Gave Lisa and Gordon a Hangover?

Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars Season 2, Episode 3 recap.
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Welcome back! Thanks for joining me as we dive into Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Season 2, Episode 3 recap. Last time, Lisa’s team brought home the first win, and Team Ramsay’s Tyler was sent home. This week’s episode, titled “Bar Wars” is a challenge that both Gordon and Lisa are desperate to win. Here’s everything you need to know about Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Season 2, Episode 3!

The bar is set high

The contestants met Lisa and Gordon at the Murder Express. The next challenge will test the competitors’ ability to make a splash in the bar industry. Well, Lisa knows about that, doesn’t she?

Each team has 24 hours to create a concept bar. They will be judged only on customer feedback. The teams need to stand out and impress their customers. Gordon told his team that he wanted to beat Lisa at this challenge. At his Las Vegas restaurant, customers regularly ask to have their food rushed so they can hit up Vanderpump à Paris for a cocktail. This challenge is equally important to Lisa, as she has had over 30 bars and restaurants.

Team Ramsay

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Chuan Liu volunteered to be the team leader, as she has experience crafting custom menus. Their bar is called The Desert Hide-Out. Chuan Liu, who is a first-generation immigrant, left her corporate job to create artisanal craft syrups for cocktails. This challenge is her jam.

So, Ali, Chuan Liu, and Rose are the bar sub-team. They will create the menu and cocktails. Meanwhile, the entertainment sub-team, made up of Liz, Andrew, and Kyson, will put together costumes and props.

Team Vanderpump

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Instead of selecting a team leader, the group decided to be democratic. Jess suggested a tipsy tea party theme, riffing on English tea parties and the royals. They picked the name The Pour Palace. Nicholas quickly decided that he would be in charge behind the bar. Roman also wanted to be on the bar team, but he has no experience mixing cocktails.

For Lisa’s team, Kamal, Jess, and Maria Laura are on the entertainment sub-team. Kamal suggested introducing each customer as they entered as if they were royalty. He wants to make sure everyone has fun. And Kamal aspires to have his company, Magic Middles, be the best cookies in the world. Dream big!

Meanwhile, the bar team was tackling their drink menu. Peri, Nicholas, Erica, and Roman were getting rolling. Roman does not drink much alcohol, so he is working on a mocktail.

Day 2 begins

Lisa knew that her team needed to view this experience through the customer’s eyes if they wanted to win. So far the team only has Kamal as a greeter. Then Lisa started to panic. “You’re looking like you’re putting on a f*cking pantomime right now,” she told her team. In her confessional Lisa candidly said, “I’m like what the f*ck!!! Bring it in.” She even added a braking sound effect. Impressive!

When she visited the bar team, her confidence plummeted. She questioned what Roman was doing behind the bar and stated that the cocktails were “f*cking boring.” As Lisa told her staff not to make her “look like a donkey,” a bottle of soda water that Erica was opening exploded.

Then Gordon showed up to check on his team. Andrew greeted him at the door with what looked like Aladdin’s lamp. “Hold on. Rub your genie?” Gordon asked. “What the f*ck is this experience?”

Gordon liked the concept of guests leaving their lives behind. Still, he told his team that it needed “to flow” more. The bar team has created two alcoholic drinks, but no mocktail. Chuan Liu challenged Gordon on this, saying that customers who come to a bar want alcoholic beverages.

Gordon and Lisa compare notes

Gordon and Lisa met up to discuss their teams. This should be interesting. Gordon laughed at the name The Pour Palace. Lisa wasn’t enthused about it, either.

Gordon and Lisa met with three experts who would be posing as customers. Sneaky! Esther Di Maggio, who is head of operations for Funicular Productions, is looking for a cohesive experience. Shannon Tebay, head of Beverages at Outernet London, wants a strong focus on customer service. And the founder of the London Cocktail Club, JJ Goodman, wants to fall in love with the cocktail and have it be part of the theme.

Welcome to The Pour Palace

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At Team Vanderpump’s bar, there was already a line outside. As Erica was setting out sandwiches, she dropped the plate. Yikes!

For entertainment, the group had dancers in Regency costumes. Once the doors opened, the space filled up quickly. Kamal didn’t have time to personally introduce each customer.

The trio of experts hit up The Pour Palace first. But no one was greeting people at the door. Kamal was chatting with customers inside while a group of guests waited outside. Nicholas called him out and asked him to do something.

In the end, the experts weren’t sure what the actual concept was, and if the décor spelled it out effectively. Esther and Shannon liked the cocktails, but JJ wasn’t a fan. While JJ was waiting for Roman’s mocktail, Roman confided that he hadn’t been to many bars. Oof. And the experts weren’t fans of the mocktail.

Enter The Desert Hide-Out

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Team Ramsay fine-tuned the details. Andrew will greet the customers, and bring them to Liz, who is going to snap their photo. Then Kyson will serve up the canapes and the group will make sure everyone has drinks. Chuan Liu stressed that it needed to be an experience for each customer.

Everything flowed well. But when a customer asked for an alcohol-free drink, what was she offered? Water. And that made the customer annoyed.

The trio of experts arrived at The Desert Hide-Out. They went to the bar, and JJ asked about the theme. In the end, they loved their cocktails and were happy customers.

Lisa and Gordon are ready for drinks

Then, Lisa and Gordon hit up The Pour Palace. But once again, when they stepped inside, Kamal wasn’t at his post. “Pour Place? No. More like a piss-poor palace,” Gordon quipped.

Gordon noted how nervous Roman was preparing their mocktails. After they sipped it, Lisa remarked, “It’s not great.”

When they arrived at Team Ramsay’s bar, Andrew greeted them. Gordon marveled at the desert vibe, but Lisa called it “a stretch.” Both enjoyed their cocktails. Then the the belly dancers started performing. But when the ladies lay on the floor and gyrated their hips at Gordon and Lisa, they couldn’t stop laughing.

Gordon felt they were “too suggestive” and divided the crowd. He cautioned Andrew that they didn’t want to encourage the wrong type of image.

Who won the challenge?

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Both teams assembled to hear the results. Gordon and Lisa introduced the undercover experts who judged each bar. Each team was judged on their cocktails, entertainment, service, and the execution of their theme.

First, Shannon talked about Team Vanderpump. She thought the cocktails played well with the theme, and she liked that they offered a mocktail. For Team Ramsay, the cocktails were great, but there was no mocktail on the menu.

JJ loved The Pour Palace, calling it “weird and also wonderful.” He raved about Team Ramsay’s cocktails and said that he would be a repeat customer.

Finally, Esther gave her feedback. She liked the greeting at the door from Team Ramsay that made the experience feel immersive. For Team Vanderpump, the various parts didn’t unify into a cohesive whole.

Team Ramsay won their first challenge! And that means Team Vanderpump will face The Grilling.

The Grilling

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Lisa was disappointed that her team lost. When asked what happened, Jess shared her view that their failure to select a leader was the problem. Then Nicholas explained that most of the team, except for Kamal, brought great ideas.

Kamal clapped back that Nicholas discarded all of his ideas. Then he claimed that while he was being a team player, Nicholas positioned himself in the front at challenges.

Eventually, Lisa asked who created the mocktail. Roman replied that he did. Gordon claimed it tasted awful, while Lisa wondered why he was ever behind the bar. When asked what he perceived caused the team’s failure, he said not having someone at the door to greet customers and begin the experience.

Lisa asked Kamal why he didn’t greet the guests. He replied that he felt that it would take too long to announce each customer. Team Vanderpump was frustrated with Kamal for not working the door. Lisa explained that Kamal was supposed to greet the guests and usher them into a Regency experience.

Finally, Lisa zeroed in on Roman for deciding to be behind the bar, and Kamal for not executing on his idea. This is stressful!

Who is leaving the competition?

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Kamal Grant is leaving the competition.

Kamal was eliminated. “No problem. Have fun,” he told his team. In his final confessional, Kamal said, “Lisa made a mistake. I mean, this whole didn’t greet the customers at the door … that’s ridiculous. I’m definitely super proud of what I brought, and I didn’t embarrass myself, so I’ll go out with my head held high,” he added.

After Kamal’s exit, Lisa told her team not to return to The Grilling again. Then Gordon told Lisa, “I never thought in my wildest dreams I’d be taking on Team Vanderpump in an immersive bar experience and absolutely handing their ass in a cocktail glass.” That quote will be running on repeat in Lisa’s mind.

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