Also Known As: Myles Reed • Born: N/A

Myles, a 29-year-old AI engineer residing in Los Angeles, California, is poised to bring his unique blend of charm and intellect to Season 6 of “The Circle.” Despite his self-proclaimed “fuckboy” energy and his alter ego, “Yung Papi Fuego,” Myles is far more than meets the eye. Born and raised in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, Myles discovered his passion for technology and artificial intelligence at a young age. His career as an AI engineer has allowed him to utilize his knack for strategizing and problem-solving, skills that will undoubtedly serve him well in the game. In addition to his technical prowess, Myles is known for his candid and straightforward nature. He’s not afraid to speak his mind and call out catfishes, showcasing his keen eye for authenticity in the virtual world of “The Circle.”

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

AI Engineer

Myles’s career as an AI engineer reflects his passion for technology and innovation. His expertise in artificial intelligence allows him to approach challenges with a strategic mindset and a keen eye for detail.

Alter Ego

Myles’s alter ego, “Yung Papi Fuego,” embodies his self-described “fuckboy” energy and larger-than-life personality. Despite his playful persona, Myles is far more complex and multifaceted than meets the eye.

Candid Nature

Known for his candid and straightforward nature, Myles isn’t afraid to speak his mind and call out catfishes in “The Circle.” His authenticity and honesty set him apart, making him an intriguing contestant.

Height: N/A

Nationality: N/A

Show(s): The Circle

Network(s): Netflix

Guest Appearances: N/A

Zodiac Sign: N/A

Children: N/A

Father: N/A

Mother: N/A

Siblings: N/A

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