Sarah Tariq


When the news came out last year that Lindsay Lohan was starring in a new reality show, it appeared that the series might be the road to her comeback. Lindsay, who was arguably the most famous child star of her time, has had a checkered history of arrests, rehabs, family drama and all-around bad behavior.

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, which premiered in January, seemed like a golden opportunity for Lindsay to rebuild her career. The show, set in beautiful Mykonos, Greece, centered around Lindsay’s management of her beach club and staff who were called ambassadors. The series was heavily publicized and things were looking up for Lindsay. Now, news has come out that the show–and Lindsay’s Mykonos club–are both history.


Before Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club even debuted, it was billed as a “Vanderpump Rules-style show” show set in Greece. That comparison was a major draw for viewers. Oh, and a curiosity about Lindsay Lohan’s life these days.

Vanderpump Rules is a consistently entertaining reality show. The comparison is not a bad thing. However, the Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club cast feels very differently about that. They had a lot to say about the Vanderpump Rules cast members, specifically Jax Taylor.